20 Below: DIY Tennis Dresses

I started tennis lessons last night. Oh, what fun! I’ve played tennis before but I’ve only ever taken lessons once as a child. I was happy to discover that my moves on the tennis court are decent but I’m definitely looking forward to improving my backhand as it’s beyond weak at the moment.

So it may come as no surprise that last night’s tennis lesson has provided the inspiration for today’s post. Aren’t these vintage tennis dress patterns awesome? I spent more time than I meant to browsing the pattern selection on Etsy this morning. It’s so interesting to see how the styles change over the years. The white fabric options remain pretty consistent (woohoo!).

tennis dress pattern_1968

tennis dress pattern (1968), $7

tennis dress pattern

tennis dress pattern (1960s), $12.55 

tennis dress pattern_2

vintage tennis dress pattern (1975), $4

tennis outfit pattern

retro tennis outfit pattern (1971), $4.50

tennis dress pattern

vintage tennis dress pattern (1973), $5

tennis dress pattern

tennis dress pattern (1970s), $6.25

tennis dress pattern 1978

tennis dress pattern (1978), $7

Let’s face it – half the fun of tennis is the outfits. Right?

Stationery: Daniella Marie Stationery & Design

Contrary to what some believe, invites, in my opinion, are one of the most important details of a wedding. They set the tone for the whole affair and they are the first thing to welcome your party guests. Canadian blogger and designer Daniella Marie recently opened up her stationery and design business and her wedding invite collection (it’s letterpress, of course!) is just beautiful.








Black Tiedmd_blogpages_invitepages



Everything – like wording and colour – is customizable which gives couples the opportunity to have their invitations reflect their personalities and style.

Congratulations Daniella on your new venture!

All images courtesy of Daniella Marie Stationery & Design.

Furniture: Decor-Rest

Let’s shine a spotlight on a successful Canadian furniture manufacturer this morning, shall we? Since 1972 Decor-Rest has provided customers with quality products and a commitment to honest service. Decor-Rest is headed by owners Angelo and Christina Marzilli and the company currently occupies a 200,000 square foot plant located in Woodbridge, Ontario as well as a 8,000 square foot industry showroom in High Point, North Carolina. And you can bet that Decor-Rest is filling up their furniture retailers with thoughtfully-designed furniture. In addition to manufacturing the collections of Steven & Chris and Cobi Ladner (cobistyle), Decor-Rest’s inventory includes fabric and leather upholstered sofas and chairs as well as accent items to suit contemporary and traditional styles.


decor-rest_3 decor-rest_4 decor-rest_5 decor-rest_6 decor-rest_9 decor-rest_10 decor-rest_11

  Images courtesy of Decor-Rest.

The Friday Five: Would You Buy This?

Would you buy any of these it’s-puzzling-to-me items…and actually use them?

This is Muji’s lunch box band. I have no idea what a lunch box band is. Help?

lunch box band_Mujilunch box band, $6.50, Muji

I really have no desire to spend an extra few minutes massaging my jaw line with this Muji (yes, again) creation. Do you?

face massage roller_Mujiface massage roller, $12.95, Muji

What would make you want to spend money on a set of plaster teeth?


white plaster teeth, $10, Old Nerd

I’m not quite sure how this vest/tank-top really tones? If it does in fact tone then there really is no excuse for not having a six-pack, right?

203512696gx2torso toner, $60, Sky Mall

This multi-purpose hat…would you really walk around with one of these on your head?

enhanced-buzz-1620-1355935208-7multi-purpose hat, via Buzz Feed

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

The Friday Five: Flatware

Does your flatware set have a history?

My everyday flatware (I am not mature enough to have a separate fancy set) is a hand-me-down set from my parents. My dad was working in Sweden for a while and he brought back this Boda Buffe cutlery set as a gift for my mom.


The set has been in my possession for almost a decade and I still love its design. I’ve been in search of replacement pieces but I’ve been unsuccessful. I did, however, come across this ad from an Australian newspaper, The Age, from 1983. Fun! (I don’t have the stand, by the way.)

Boda Buffe Ad_May 3 1983_The Age_AustraliaBoda Buffe advertisement, May 3, 1983, in The Age

While I have no desire to buy a new flatware set anytime soon, it is still interesting to see what’s available in simple, sleek, and modern design. Maybe one day I will find it necessary to own more than one set.

lard--piece-flatware-set__0104599_PE251625_S4LARD flatware, $19.99 (on sale), Ikea


Foster flatware, $25, Crate & Barrel

Vera Wang Wedgewood flatwareVera Wang Wedgewood flatware, $75, Macy’s

MoMa_Arne_Jacobsen_FlatwareArne Jacobsen flatware, $100, MoMa

sVilleroy & Boch flatware, $346 (on sale) 60 piece set, Macy’s

Update: My set looks a bit yellow in the photo but I can assure you the handles are very white. Also, my dad wanted me to add that he bought the set in 1980 in Stockholm.

Jewelry: The Mannin Tartan Heart

Our contributor Mackenzie is usually the one around here who has her eye on the latest in luxury goods but when news about the newest collection from Mannin hit my inbox, I had to take a look. The Mannin Tartan heart charm is pretty, isn’t it?

Mannin Tartan Heart_White-Cabana_3Tartan Heart double sided silver charm, $175Mannin Tartan Heart_White-Cabana_2Tartan Heart double sided charm and bracelet, $375Mannin Tartan Heart_White-Cabana_1Tartan Heart double sided silver pendant, $335

The collection is also available in gold.

Thanks to Morgan S. for sending this my way.

The Friday Five: Valentine’s Day Cards

While I think Valentine’s Day is wonderful holiday to celebrate love between friends, couples, family, and children, I’m also one of those people who thinks that it should be celebrated beyond February 14th. Perhaps this is because I used to work at my mom’s flower shop every February 14th and I really just wanted to tell everyone who came through that everyday is a good day to buy someone flowers – why limit one’s generosity to red roses on one cold day in February?

Anyway – you may already know that in addition to flowers I am very keen on stationery. Giving a card is one of the easiest things one can do to show any kind of emotion or good will. Here’s a round up of some great cards for this lovely occasion.

sValentine card, $5, Paper Society & Co.

s Day card_EtsyValentine card, $4, Julie Ann Art

i like you a lot_cardValentine card, $5, Red Bird Ink

Valentine gift card_Paper SourceValentine letterpress gift card, $4.95 for 10, Paper Source

s card_Hello TigerValentine card, $3, Quiet Tiger

The Friday Five: Shoehorns

Judging by the shoe cloests of the White Cabana team, you’d think having a healthy collection would be a job requirement. But no, this is not the case. I wonder if my contributors would be appreciative if they found a shoehorn in their mailboxes. It would be amusing, don’t you think? To wrap up a shoe horn and put it in the mail*?

Look at how the prices vary of these shoehorns:

shoehorn_Muji shoehorn, $5.95, Muji

Koziol pip bird shoe hornpip bird shoehorn, £9.95, Koziol

Georg Jensen_Shoehorn

Voyage shoehorn, €64, Georg Jensen

silver-shoehorn__18343_stdsterling silver shoehorn, $493, Annabel Chaffer

Elsa Peretti Padova Shoehorn_Tiffany & Co_$495Elsa Peretti Padova shoehorn, $495, Tiffany & Co.

What do you think of those last two shoehorns? Almost $500 for a shoehorn? Would you buy one?

Happy Friday everyone! Have a wonderful weekend!

*I once mailed Corie a hula hoop from Kingston, Ontario to Surfer’s Paradise, Australia. That was fun! The postie looked at me like I was crazy.

Marketplace: C Wonder

I am so glad that C. Wonder opened up in the AOL Time Warner Centre this past fall. It’s now within walking distance of my family’s home and so, thinking selfishly, it’s going to be really convenient for me to pop in and see what’s new. In between my trips to the Manhattan, I do enjoying browsing the collection of home accessories (among everything else) online.

bamboo nesting bowls, $44.99

tapered lacquer bowl, $38

bike helmet, $49

bullhorn speaker, $10

classic cloth napkins, $28

Art: La Cucina

I just love Ana’s food-related artwork available in her Etsy shop Anek. Not only do the prints’ simplicity grab my attention but the sayings on them are in my favourite languages and they share such positive thoughts. Lovely for your own kitchen or the perfect gift for your most favourite foodie, don’t you think?

La Cucina_Anek_Art_EtsyTranslation (from Italian): A little kitchen makes a large home, $30, Anek

Vino_art_Anek_EtsyTranslation (from Italian): A dinner without wine is like a day without sunshine, $45, Anek

Le Chef_Art_Etsy_AnekTranslation (from French): The chef is always right, $45, Anek

Corazon_Art_Anek_EtsyTranslation (from Spanish): A full stomach makes a happy heart, $45, Anek

The Friday Five: La Maison d’Anna G

When Paris-based Anna G. is not working on her beautifully curated blog, she is tending to her online shop, La Maison d’Anna G. The collection of pretty white objects obviously caught my attention!

Photophore Alba n4, Finnsdottir Design, 20€

Torchon Plume tea towel, By Nord, 18€

Horloge clock couture, House Doctor, 85€

Guirlande Lumineuse, House Doctor, 45€

Coussin Pinwheel cushion, Hay, 109€

Images courtesy of La Maison d’Anna G.


20 Below: Jewelry Stand

This branch jewelry stand is on sale so get it while it is still in stock at Urban Outfitters.

modern branch jewelry stand, $15 (on sale)

For readers in London, Ontario – are you excited about the arrival of Urban Outfitters downtown at Richmond & Oxford? I’m looking forward to seeing how the actual building has been transformed (remember when Blockbuster used to be there?).

Marketplace: Drake General Store

Still on the hunt for a cool Christmas gift for (insert the name of your favourite person who you haven’t yet bought for)? If you’re in Toronto then it’ll be worth your while to visit Drake General Store. The shop is full of quirky, interesting, amusing, and Canadiana products that are sure to fulfill your favourite (insert person)’s wish list.

ceramic cactus, $22

p’tite poutine bowl, $24

hidden owl mug, $32

countdown clock, $135

Pop Up! – Windows on 5th Avenue

The boys wanted to go to the Central Park Zoo the other day so I thought I’d take the 5th Avenue route and check out some of the Christmas windows. There are so many beautiful things to see – though my poor husband probably doesn’t appreciate the jewelry focus. As always, the Bergdorf windows – my absolute favourites – didn’t fail to impress.

Harry Winston

Van Cleef & Arpels

Harry Winston

Harry Winston

Bergdorf Goodman

Post by Corie.

20 Below: Spotted Dog

I wonder if you’re tired of me singing the praises of Ikea? The Swedish retailer has such wonderful items for less than $20 that it’s hard to resist featuring them in our 20 Below series. Today I’m a fan of this spotted dog – otherwise known as a dalmatian – which is part of Ikea’s soft toy collection.

Gosig Vovven soft toy dog, $7.99, Ikea

Marketplace: Soda Stream

When I was in NYC last month my sister introduced me to the wonderful world of Soda Stream – an at-home soda maker.

Corie’s Soda Stream

Corie and her husband are big-time cola fans and so they decided to invest in a Soda Stream so that they could (a) save money and (b) stop carrying cases of cola on their walks home from the grocery store (along with their 3 boys, remember?). It’s been working out brilliantly for them so I thought I should give it a try myself.

my white Soda Stream, $150

I am happy to report that the Soda Stream has been working out quite well for me too! I set it up in less than 5 minutes (it would have been faster if I didn’t take so many photos), the instruction manual is written in a multitude of languages (which makes this linguist very happy), and the design is sleek and white (although many colours do exist).

snapshots of my Soda Stream

So how does it work? Basically you fill the Soda Stream bottle up with water (I use the tap – woah!) and then you screw it on to the Soda Stream machine, pull the trigger a couple of times, unscrew the bottle, and then add a cupful of your flavoured syrup. That’s it! It’s less than a 1 minute process and the end result is perfect.

So far I’ve only made sparkling water and diet cola but there are many more syrups to try. I’ll be putting it to good use at my next party, that much I know (I think the pink grapefruit will be great for punch)!

A variety of Soda Stream machines are available from retailers around the world. The carbonator cylinder (which is the secret to making the bubbles) can be easily replaced via Soda Stream. Price per bottle works out to anywhere from 30 cents to 88 cents.

Many thanks to Melanie K. and Soda Stream for providing me with the Soda Stream Starter Kit.

Marketplace: 2013 Agendas by Julie Joliat

Each year around this time my sister Corie and I become semi-competitive. Why? Well, because we’re each on the hunt for the most perfect agenda for the upcoming year. Last year Corie found Sarah Pinto‘s colourful agendas on a trip to San Francisco. One year she bought me a most beautiful agenda with a cut-out cover from Japan. A few years ago she settled on a fun Lilly Pulitzer while I opted for a plain Letts of London.

This year, I know I have won the agenda search competition!

You see – a couple of weeks ago I stumbled upon the work of Zurich-based graphic designer Julie Joliat. O.M.G. I could barely contain my excitement when I saw what was on the computer screen in front of me. White. Graphic. Swiss (you know how attached I am to Switzerland!). The most-perfect-for-me 2013 agenda! Corie was on vacation at the time so I couldn’t call her to brag so I had to keep calm (I mean, people might think I’m really nuts if I went on and on about my discovery, right?). I went ahead and placed an order for both of Julie’s designs because, well, I just had to!


above photos by Julie Joliat

I have rarely seen so many extra useful pages of information in an agenda book which makes me additionally happy with these ones. Weekly and monthly calendars are followed by several useful pages which details things like laundry symbols, clothing size conversion, vintage French red wine chart, and cooking ideas (possibly my favourite guide).

above photos by Jordana

So, if you’re anything like Corie or me and you are in need of a 2013 agenda, then let me please strongly encourage you to get one of these designs. And place your order asap as both are limited editions (300 copies).

20 Below: Holidays at IKEA

Ikea is making it pretty easy for us to bring a good Jul (holiday season) into our homes this year (and every year, right?) what with its super selection of holiday items that are less than $20. For a very special edition of 20 Below, I am featuring not one but five great white decor items from Ikea that can be used during – and after – the holidays.

STRÅLA  7-armed candelabra, $19.99

BLOMSTER lantern $19.99

JULKUL pastry cutter, set of 6 $4.99

STRÅLA floor lamp, $16.99

JULFINT mug, $2.49

Images courtesy of Ikea.

Pop Up! – Christmas at ABC Carpet & Home

Last week we went to visit Santa with the boys at the beautiful ABC Carpet and Home. For those of you who don’t know – it is one of NYC’s most stunning shops! The visit kick started the Christmas season for us and I long for all-white Christmas decor thanks to these inspiring vignettes!

photos by Corie

Friday Five: The Thomas Sabo Collection

Hello Friday! We’re ending the week with some bling from the Thomas Sabo collection of jewels.

Thomas Sabo bracelet, $219

Thomas Sabo special addition sterling silver ring, $359

Thomas Sabo sterling silver bracelet, $139

Thomas Sabo classic sterling silver wing earrings, $164

Hope your weekend sparkles!

Images courtesy of Thomas Sabo.

Animals we love

Decorative sculptures are especially special when they come in animal shapes. There is something lovely and magical about a fox on your bookshelf or a bowl in the long lean proportions of a Dachshund. We’re talking about classics that appeal to all ages and add personality to a space.

Jonathan Adler has really taken the animal sculpture to a whole new place by carving out a collection of pieces that are cheerful while beautifully echoing the geometry and symmetry in nature. I know that Jordana has a thing for these lovely creations, too. I think I can hear the roar of her lion!

Here are the new additions to Adler’s menagerie now available on his website:

Bear, $98

Owl canister, $75

Monkey, $198

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