Art: La Cucina

I just love Ana’s food-related artwork available in her Etsy shop Anek. Not only do the prints’ simplicity grab my attention but the sayings on them are in my favourite languages and they share such positive thoughts. Lovely for your own kitchen or the perfect gift for your most favourite foodie, don’t you think?

La Cucina_Anek_Art_EtsyTranslation (from Italian): A little kitchen makes a large home, $30, Anek

Vino_art_Anek_EtsyTranslation (from Italian): A dinner without wine is like a day without sunshine, $45, Anek

Le Chef_Art_Etsy_AnekTranslation (from French): The chef is always right, $45, Anek

Corazon_Art_Anek_EtsyTranslation (from Spanish): A full stomach makes a happy heart, $45, Anek

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