The Friday Five: 5 Articles To Read

This post is sort of a variation of my “things on my mind” column that many of you seem to really love! Today, I’m sharing 5 articles that I have come across in my Internet travels. I enjoyed reading each of them, and they all taught me something new.

1.What you can do to help women in states with extreme abortion bans by Amanda Arnold for The Cut.

2. The most disruptive office distractions, ranked by Michelle Cheng for Quartz at Work.

3. It list 2019: Our editors’ picks of the best hotels in the world by Travel + Leisure.

4. Resonance: How to open doors for other people by Farnam Street.

5. 11 great reader comments on friendship by Caroline Donofrio for Cup of Jo.

Real Estate: Outremont, Montreal

When I find a neighbourhood that I like when I travel, I tend to look online at real estate websites. Does anyone else do this? I guess I’m curious about the real estate market and the design of homes. I think I also have the “Where could I live if I moved here?” question in my mind, too. You know how it is, right?

On my recent trip to Montreal, I became most curious about real estate in the Outremont area. Here’s one condo that has me dreaming of moving to Montreal and living the luxe life!

1420 boul. Mont-Royal, apt. 311; $1.8+ million, all photos via

Design: The Fringe Chandelier

Fringe and tasseled chandeliers have been around for a while, but I’m seeing them used more frequently recently. They’re soft and delicate, so I thing the the style is ideal for a bedroom or powder room. They come in a range of prices and materials, and there are even DIY instructions floating around online, too. I’ve included one DIY version in the selection today. Can you tell which one it is (without looking at the caption info)?

Justina Blakeney tassel chandelier, $194, Dear Keaton
tiered fringe chandelier, $199USD, PB Teen
DIY fringe chandelier, Jungalow
fringe lamp, 25£, George
fringe light, $760.29CAD, A Place Called Wanda
fringe chandelier, $69.83CAD, Emmyporium
tasseled chandelier, $228USD, Anthropologie
Hans-Agne Jakobsson Table Lamp Model B-145, $2275.42USD, 1stDibs

Two for Tuesday: Wish Upon a Star

I was in Montreal this past weekend, and I stayed at the Hotel Birks. Since it is conveniently attached to – and the same company as – Birks, the jewelry store, it was easy to pop in to eye the current collection of sparkle and shine. Delicate jewelry caught my attention the most (second to diamonds, of course), including these star pieces.

The Friday Five: Things On My Mind

1.Netflix. I finished watching all seasons of Schitt’s Creek, and I have started to watch Dead to Me with Christina Applegate. I’ve been enjoying it.

2. New venture. I’m working on a new venture, which has been energizing. I will share soon. Shout out to family and friends who have been listening to me talk about it, have responded to my many questions, and who have given me very useful feedback.

3. My book. Many of you already know that my first book (co-authored with my colleague and friend) was published in January. It has been exciting to share it with others, and it has already brought some rewarding work opportunities. I feel very lucky. My university wrote this article about it.

4. Train travel. I realized recently that the distance from Tokyo to Kyoto is about the same as it is from Toronto to Montreal. Why am I telling you this? Well, just so I can complain about Canada’s transportation system. Trains in Japan run constantly, and while I was there, I didn’t book anything in advance. I wasn’t at all worried about missing a train, getting stranded, or not getting where I needed to go at any time during my trip. I used one train card. It was so incredibly easy and stress free. People of all ages took the train with ease. Boarding was organized and signage made things so easy for foreigners (like me) who don’t speak Japanese. The high-speed train took about 3 hours. In Canada, on the other hand, there are just a couple of trains to/from Toronto to Montreal each day, and if you don’t book in advance, there’s a good chance the train you want will be sold out. There are barely any escalators and elevators, so you have to lug your luggage up too many stairs. And there are signs like “Great Hall” when what you really need is “Exit” and “Ticket Counter.” The train from Toronto to Montreal is about 5 hours. Instead of expanding highways (I’ve heard HWY 401 is going to be expanded), I’d so much rather my tax money go to building an effective and efficient train system. Rant over (for now).

5. Birthdays. It’s my Dad’s birthday today. He’s like me in that we love our birthdays, and we especially love attention on our birthdays! I was happy to have breakfast with him this morning, and we chatted with family and friends from Italy via FaceTime. What a great Friday treat!

Have a great weekend, everyone!