The Friday Five: Lace Details

Even thought I think lace is too delicate for me, I am still drawn to it every now and then. Today is one of those days. Lace is light, airy, and perfect for hot summer days indoors and outdoors.



via This is Glamorous


via Style Me Pretty


via Pinterest


via Totokaelo blog


via Daily Mail UK

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Personal: A Birthday Week

It was my birthday last weekend, and while there were no balloons or sprinkles à la every-Pinterest-party-photo, I had a few days of celebratory fun.


my birthday crown


lazy morning patio time


a birthday selfie – wearing my new favourite sweatshirt


Cutting pizza with scissors – doesn’t everybody do this?


flowers from the Kitchener market


homemade chocolate cake by my mom – delicious!


Elora, Ontario

birthday-9horse & buggy parking only – Elora, Ontario

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Design: Dalmatian Dots

No, I’m not getting a dog. But I do think dalmatians are beautiful, and I love how dalmatian dots inspire art and interior design.


via Houzz


Dalmation stapler, $24, Anthropologie


via Pinterest


dalmation photograph, $27, Etsy


Naomi Campbell, photo by Peter Lindbergh for Vogue US 1990; source


dalmatian tote, $225, Milly


via Twirling Clare


Dalmation print, $7, Chapters-Indigo


via Inside Out Design


via The Design Files

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DIY: How to Make an Inkblot Gallery Wall

My big bathroom was a disaster when I moved in to my house last year, but I knew I couldn’t spend a whole lot of money on a full bathroom reno. Instead, I opted to make minor, but high-impact changes, to the space. I ripped off the silvery wallpaper (ugh!), painted out the wood trim on the 80s vanity, installed a new countertop and over-mount sink, and replaced the faucet, mirror, and lighting. I also cleaned the heck out of everything. The renos definitely improved the space, but the grey/cream linoleum flooring and the grey tub and tile surround were distracting. Rather than trying to change these things, I decided to create a high-impact gallery wall to divert people’s (and my) attention. I think it’s working, too!

I’ve been slowly filling in my Rorschach-inspired gallery wall as I come across frames of different sizes in thrift stores, yard sales, and stores. When I’m out and about, I try to find frames that might fit an empty space on the wall. When I have a few frames, I start painting the inkblots. And then I hang them where I feel they might look best (I only created one extra mistake hole so far…yay). I can be quite impatient so I didn’t wait until I had all the frames/art to start hanging them up. I constantly add to the wall. Here’s what it looks like now:




The upper left corner still needs to be filled in. Other than that, the wall is just about done.

Making inkblot art is super easy. Here’s my step-by-step process:

1. Find a frame (I only use black frames or borderless frame).
2. Cut a piece of white paper to fit inside of the frame. (I tend to use bristol board because it’s strong and thick and the paint won’t seep through.)
3. Fold paper in half.
4. Plop/drip/spread gobs of black paint on one half of the paper (I use artist’s acrylic paint, but craft paint from a dollar store also works fine).
5. Refold the paper in half.
6. Rub your hand over the folded paper. Smoosh the paint around through the paper.
7. Unfold the paper. (I love this step!)
8. Surprise! What do you see? (This is the best part!)
9. Let the paint dry.
10. Frame your art.

What do you think? Do your eyes – or your brain – hurt from staring at the wall too long? What do you see in the inkblots on my wall?

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20 Below: Fiskars Garden Shears

I use Fiskars pruners for cutting flower stems for both inside flower arrangements and outdoor pruning (of my small bushes). They’re affordable and they last forever.



Fiskars deluxe pruner, $19.99, Rona

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Uptown: How I Clean My House

People sometimes ask me if it’s hard to keep my white house clean. I always say that it isn’t. I’m generally a tidy person, I try to control clutter (hard to do in my office, I admit), and keep my objets d’art (a.k.a. knick knacks) organized. I do my cleaning chores once a week (but I always procrastinate when it comes to vacuuming), and I always feel a sense of satisfaction once I’ve got a clean home. I don’t actually mind cleaning, especially when my cleaning products work well. We have hard water here in Waterloo and even with the water softener, the water can quickly leave harsh streaks and spots on everything. I’ve had to try out a bunch of different products since I moved here, but here’s a list of my most reliable weekly cleaning supplies:

1. White vinegar, water, baking soda: I keep these in stock at all times. They’re inexpensive and highly effective. I spray my shower door with a vinegar and water combo a few times a week. It only takes a few seconds and it really helps to keep the shower door clean. I use a vinegar and water mix to mop my kitchen and bathroom floors, and I also use this combo to clean my kettle. I use a mixture of white vinegar, water, and baking soda to clean grout lines in my shower.

grout-tiles-clean 2


these grout lines were not always white

2. Bar Keeper’s Friend: I use this product to clean my kitchen sink. It’s strong, and it works. After I scrub the sink with this product, I wash it thoroughly with water. Sometimes I use it on my kitchen and bathroom faucets because it shines them up in no time at all.

bar-keepers-friend kitchen-sink-clean


clean sink, happy owner

3. Comet or Ajax all purpose cleaners: I use these cleaners for my bathroom sinks, shower, toilets, stove top, etc. I rinse very well after a bit of scrubbing. They work (quickly, too).


4. Universal Stone: I have mentioned this silver cleaning product before, but it still amazes me. It’s incredible. It works wonders on tarnished silver and requires minimal (or no) elbow grease. If you collect silver, I highly recommend this eco-friendly product.


a recent addition to my silver collection - before & after cleaning

5. Sponges: For many cleaning jobs, I use sponges that look like this but that are from Italy (if I can find them). I have tried imitations and they just aren’t as good. My last one from Sweden was okay, but not incredible. I’m not that fussy, but I do like how these sponges work. My mom has used them forever, so I know that I use them because that’s all I ever really saw her use.

I also use the blue J-Cloths for just about everything. They’re handy to have around, especially during home repair jobs.

I picked up some white microfibre-type cloths a few months ago and they are incredibly effective. You basically water them and then wipe the heck out of everything. I’ve used them on my stainless steel fridge, faucets, windows, and mirrors. They don’t leave streaks and don’t require any additional cleaning products. They’re also machine washable. Unfortunately, I don’t know the brand of my cloths, but I buy them from here. They’re little miracle workers!

6. CLR: Before I moved to Waterloo, I think I used CLR once or twice in my life. Now, I use it all the time. I mix it in with water and I use it for just about everything – dishwasher (running a cycle without dishes), shower, toilets, faucets, etc.clrproduct

I do try to limit my use of products like Ajax, Comet, CLR, and Bar Keepers Friend, and I use vinegar/water/baking soda when I can. I have tried better-for-the-environment cleaning products, but they just don’t have the same results. I’d love to know if you have any other recommendations for cleaning products (especially if you have dealt with hard water issues). Cleaning – it’s such a hot topic for a Monday morning, isn’t it?

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The Friday Five: Birthday Celebration

Party! Party! Party! It’s my birthday and I can do what I want to! Yay!


 via Video Gaga


by Nathan Cyprys

vacances tig frenchbydesign blog 04182

via French by Design


Towards an Architecture by Alexandros Papathanasiou, via Saatchi Art


via Favor Affair

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Furniture: Hair Pin Legs

I’m sensing that we’ll be seeing a lot more hair pin legs in homes, magazines, and blogs over the next few months. The tables are light, sturdy, and can work in almost any space.

tumblr_n3o6d4qeO81rqv5u6o4_1280 via Hackwith Happenings   hair pin legs-Stella via Stella   Kriselkeeper-hairpinl-legs--1 via kriselkeeper hairpin-stool-West-Elm via West Elm HG144884_l via 1stDibs little-green-notebook-x-base-table DIY version via Little Green Notebook steel-base-ABC-Carpet-Home via ABC Carpet & Home 1st-dibs-hair-pin-leg via 1stDibs hairpin-leg-table-Candelabra via Candelabra

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Photography: Back in Time


Gita Scolastica Milano – 1964


Foto in Occasione di una Partita di Calcio – 1964

That’s my dad up there (top photo: black suit, bottom photo: second from right) in 1964 with his friends. He was 18 or 19 years old in these photos. I love how they’re all suited up. So hip, yeah? How are photos from the 60s so darn hip? Will people think the same thing 50 years from now of our selfies and digital photos?

Thanks to my dad’s highschool friends for sending these photos. Photographer unknown.

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20 Below: Solar Garden Light

I have solar lights in my front and back gardens, and I love them. There are no bulbs that need replacing, they’re an inexpensive purchase, and they require zero electricity. Awesome.


Uberhaus solar garden light, $6.99, Rona

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