Beauty: The Gel Setter Top Coat from Essie

You may be tired of listening to me talk about how I lack understanding of anything related to beauty, but…

I have learned something about nails, and I thought I’d pass on the info.

Up until I was in my 20s, I was a nail biter. It was a struggle to stop, but eventually I did.  I mostly became disgusted by nail biting and I used acrylic nails to help prevent me from biting my own nails. Now, I do my best to keep my nails strong and healthy. I get manicures a few times a year, and in between sessions, I do my own polish application.

I’ve been veering toward Essie polish for a few years now because I like the colour selections and quality. On a recent trip to the drug store, Essie polishes were on sale so in addition to picking up a new colour, I purchased the Gel Setter Top Coat. This product claimed to extend the wear of the polish, to work with normal polish, and to be easily removed with basic nail polish remover. I added it to my cart, and hoped for the best.
People. This gel setter top coat is fantastic! I can get at least 4 days with no chips, and, more importantly, my polish is shiny for the length of wear! Who knew!? And this is with doing many loads of dishes, lots of keyboard typing, and daily chores. It makes me happy, so I was eager to share the discovery with all of you in case you’re looking for a new top coat.

p.s. When I paint my nails, I use Essie’s grow stronger base coat, two coats of polish (usually Essie), and (now) the gel setter top coat. I’m also a fan of the good to go top coat and I sometimes use the quick-e top coat, too.





The Friday Five: Fabulous Fireplaces

How do you stay warm during these ridiculously cold winter days? I have had my fireplace going up until a couple of days ago when it decided to stop working (how dare it just stop!). It’s a gas fireplace, and it warms up my basement lounge in no time. I’m eager to get it working again soon.

In the meantime, let’s have a peek into these gorgeous spaces.

via Washingtonianvia Elizabeth Heiervia Domino

via Elle Decoration

via Ideal Home

Do you have a fireplace? Gas or real? How often do you use it?

Have a great weekend, everyone! Stay warm!




Hotel to Home: A Little Parisian Kitchen

Okay – so today’s “hotel” is technically an AirBnB option, but let’s ignore that for a moment, shall we? It’s a place to stay while you’re traveling, and I think it’s a perfect option for today’s hotel to home post…especially since I’m working with the apartment’s  kitchen, and I rarely do kitchens (or have I ever?) on this series. Plus – it’s in Paris!

paris-white-airbnbvia AirBnB

I’m not offering a full kitchen design, but more like some options for some modern and functional products for your existing kitchen. Have a look and let me know if anything strikes your fancy!

Ikea cabinets, Ikea faucet, Cuisinart toaster, Nespresso machine, wood tray, Ikea plant pot, mugs, cutting board,









A Question For You

I’m curious – what are your blog reading routines? How do you read your faves? When do you read them?

I read my blogs every morning during breakfast. And I love this routine.

In general, I read blogs by clicking on my blogroll rather than via email or blog reader (old fashioned way, I guess, but it works for me).

I know some bloggers have reduced the weekly frequency of posting, but I’m still of the belief that daily blogging is the way to go. Blogging takes a lot of time, effort, thought, and creativity, yes, so I can definitely see why bloggers scale back and publish just a few times a week, but as a reader, I much prefer seeing new content every day (even if it’s not an in-depth thought-provoking essay about life) than clicking on a blog and seeing a weeks-old post. I’ve actually stopped clicking on many of my once-favourite blogs because I don’t want to be disappointed by landing on an old post.

Maybe if I went the blog reader route, then I would not have to pay so much attention to individual blogger’s posting schedules or get click happy only to be disappointed with weeks-old content.

But I don’t. I click on posts. And I like to see something new each day. Am I asking too much? Are my expectations for the 2017 blogging world too high?

What do you think?

via Homey Oh My

I’m now looking to expand my blogroll and learn about new-to-me bloggers. This is where you come in.

What are your daily/weekly must-read blogs?

What blogs do you love? Why should I love them, too?

I would be so thrilled if you shared your blog recommendations in the comments, so we can all benefit!





Two for Tuesday: Match Strikers

Today, I’m bringing you a high/low match striker pair. Guess before you scroll all the way down!

match striker


match striker


top: Paris porcelain match striker, $38, Hudson Grace

bottom: marble match striker, $175, One Kings Lane


Friday Five: The Maticevski Collection

When I came across this fashion post, I thought the dress was just beautiful.

I learned that the dress is by Maticevski, a collection out of Melbourne, Australia. The current stock list is absolutely stunning. Here are five of my faves:

Genesis gown, $4100AUD

Kindred Spirit dress, $2700 AUD

Dakota mini dress, $910 AUD (on sale)

Magical gown, $6500 AUD

Poet one shoulder top, $955 AUD

Have a great weekend, everyone!


Hotel to Home: Hotel Pulitzer, Buenos Aires, Argentina

I haven’t taken us to South America in my Hotel to Home series yet, have I? I honestly can’t remember, but my hotel searches rarely take me there. Maybe I’ll make more of an effort to explore the south in 2017.

Today we are heading to the hip Hotel Pulitzer in Buenos Aires, Argentina. This hotel is glam, chic, sleek, and inviting. While I do think the bathroom design is beautiful, I’ve opted to rework one of its bedrooms.

Hotel Pulitzer, Buenos Aires

Ikea curtains, West Elm headboard, white dresser, Etsy art, Etsy art, CB2 leather butterfly chair, CB2 desk lamp, plant






Fashion: Eyeglasses

I have several pairs of eyeglasses currently in rotation, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for more. Let’s see what’s going on in the eyeglasses department, shall we?

Transat Trans, $34.99, Polette

Claus, $15.99, Polette

Mandi, $34.99, Polette

Percey, $150+, Warby Parker

Zelda, $225+, Warby Parker

Daze, $135, BonLook

Glow, $135, BonLook


Art: Beauty in White

I’m starting off 2017 with art. While I have written about art regularly on the blog, I would like to add more art content to the pages of White Cabana this year. There are so many stunning pieces of affordable – and beyond my budget – art out there that I’d like to share it with you.

Under $100


Ballroom 2 by Haley Warner, Minted, $25USD for 10″x8″

Linger by Sarah McInroe, Minted, $25USD for 8″x10″

Scoring Through by Van Tsao, Minted, $25USD for 8″x10″

Under $200

Rose Petals by Jelena Kostic, $175, 20″x28″

Under $500

Diver II by William Stafford, $295USD, One Kings Lane

Molten Ecru by Simone Webb, $260CAD for 12″x14″

Think by Tommy Ingberg, $375USD

Over $1000

Queen drawing by Charles Pachter, $9500, Caviar20

Eileen Lake by Adolf Arthur Dehn, $3314CAD, 1stDibs

The Party is Over by Gemma Gené, $6400USD