Art: Roger Wood

When my friend sent me this photo, I knew I needed to learn more.

It’s a close-up view of Story Without Words No. 1904 by Canadian artist Roger Wood.

Wood composes his scenes in white using small objects. The layering is incredible, which means you’ll discover more each time you view one of his pieces.

Photo by SL.

Truth Talk: A Weekend of Work

I have quite a bit on the go at the moment, which means that books are piled, pillows are not fluffed, and the coffee table could benefit from some Windex. That said, the sun shone all weekend long, and I loved working away in my very bright home.

The Friday Five: Lovely to Read

Welcome to the Friday Five – Valentine’s Edition! Here are five lovely things to read over the weekend.

1.This article about handwritten Valentine cards.

2.This list of 10 date ideas.

3. The book Love Sense by Sue Johnson.

4. I Like You – a classic (now vintage) book about showing you care and developing lovely friendships and relationships. Brain Pickings noted it as an illustrated ode to friendship. So sweet.

5. This article about how love is good for us.

Happy Valentine’s Day!