The Friday Five: My Thoughts about BlogPodium 2014

Did you know that it’s actually possible to be tired and energized at the same time? It’s true. This is exactly how I’m currently feeling. I have been pretty worn down this week for all sorts of reasons (full-time job, taking on an additional course, blogging, MBA, trips to Toronto, social events, back-to-school germs, etc.), but I am so full of ideas and energy (in my mind at least) after last weekend’s BlogPodium conference. I have been itching to write this post, but I have spent every ounce of my free time in bed this week trying to get back to feeling normal. Concentrating on computer work has been just a bit too challenging. Anyhoo, enough about me and my bout of sickness. Let’s get to the good stuff…five thoughts about BlogPodium.

1. White Cabana + Inspirations Studio

One of the major highlights for me at this year’s conference was the fact that I had the opportunity to design a collection of pottery. Although the design timeline was tight, I had fun brainstorming ideas, sketching up my designs, and consulting with Victoria at Inspirations Studio. Victoria and her team of women brought my designs to life. Under her guidance, the Inspirations Studio women learned new skills that they can apply to their future projects. The pottery was auctioned off at the conference, and I’m beyond happy that my pieces sold. I managed to squeeze in at the last minute to buy three little bowls, but I will be placing an order for additional items.


 chatting with Lindsey, a table full of blogger-designed handmade items



If you’re interested in purchasing any of my designs for yourself (and you live in Toronto or Waterloo), please email me asap (white cabana at gmail dot com). Prices range from $30-$50, and all money goes directly to Inspirations Studio. Ordering anything from my collection will put money directly in the hands of women in need.

Avery Swartz bought the two vases/pitchers, and she set them up on her beautiful white mantle:

Avery-Swartz-fireplace-potteryphoto by Avery Swartz

2. Learning about SEO and Google Analytics

I attended two fabulous sessions in the morning. The first was led by Nicki Lamont and the topic was SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Even though I’ve been blogging for 4+ years, I never give SEO as much thought as I know I should. I’m usually focused on creating content and photos, and I make little (or no) time for the more technical side of blogging. SEO is important and I now have more tools in my toolbox to make SEO work for me and White Cabana.

I learned about bounce rates, keyword searches, and short-term and long-term keywords, meta-tags, alt-tags, etc. If you’re a blogger, I would recommend that you read up these concepts, especially if you aim to grow your blog.

I also learned about a new search engine – DuckDuckGo – that is supposedly going to be even better than Google. Yes?

Nicki was a clear, amusing, and professional speaker, and she obviously has a very relevant skill set. Thanks, Nicki!


here I am listening attentively during a presentation

The second session I attended was Avery Swartz‘s session about Google Analytics. Avery has a really personable and engaging presentation style, which I completely appreciated. She brought humour into her presentation about tech and stats and analytics settings. Awesome. I followed Avery’s advice when I got home from BlogPodium – I transferred to Universal analytics (do this if you haven’t), refined some of my settings, and I am now feeling much more confident about understanding my Google stats. I know that this information will help me speak with brand partners in the future. I’m now eager to sign up for one of Avery’s CampTech courses (offered in Waterloo, too!).

You can see by my session choices, I was really focused on learning about the more technical side of blogging. One of my current goals (and ongoing goals, I guess) is to increase my technical skill set. I don’t have much time to focus on this side of the blogging world, which is why I think it’s taken me 4 years to get to the point where I can actually use terms like SEO and analytics without sounding like I’m really clueless.

3. Panel Presentation with Jennifer Flores, Scott McGillvray, Monika Hibbs, and Leigh-Ann Allaire

I am generally a fan of panel presentations. You get to hear from several speakers and panels present a variety of points of view within a dedicated time period. I have been attending BlogPodium since it began, and Leigh-Ann Allaire Perrault has often moderated the panel presentation. Half the reason why I enjoy the panels is because Leigh-Ann is such a quick-witted, smart, and on-the-ball moderator. She asks intelligent questions, keeps the discussion moving, and always always makes the audience laugh. She didn’t fail us this year. She worked her magic and the panel presentation was informative and entertaining.

This year’s panel was made up of BlogPodium founder Jennifer Flores, Income Property whiz Scott McGillivray, and fashion blogger extraordinaire Monika Hibbs. They have three very different backgrounds, which made for an interesting presentation. Jennifer’s spoke intelligently about the importance of collaboration and networking in blog life, Scott encouraged bloggers to set achievable goals, and Monika generously shared her secrets to gorgeous photography (apps to try: SnapSeed, WhiteaGram, AfterLight, PicTapGo).

FlowPhotoBlogPodium-143-L FlowPhotoBlogPodium-186-L

Jennifer, Scott, Monika, Leigh-Ann


me, Scott, and Sharalee

4. Working with Brands

Fortunately, I have had some really positive experiences working with brands and PR agencies over the last 4 years. In my case, brand collaborations have evolved rather organically and they continue to do so. I do really enjoy learning about people, what they do, their products, and their stories. I think – and I hope – my readers appreciate when I share others’ stories, and draw a personal connection to them.

Brand-Blog-Fit continued to be a theme at this year’s BlogPodium. If you’re a blogger, why should a brand work with you? If you’re a brand, what blog fits your mission? How do you go about making the partnership work for both sides?

I was pleased to see some long-time blog supporters at BlogPodium (e.g., Delta, FirstAlert, UrbanBarn, GlucksteinHome, Chapters-Indigo, Etsy, ParaPaints), and I was thrilled to have the opportunity to speak with newcomers as well (e.g., LinenChest, Metrie). Brands and bloggers are really learning how to work together, how to speak the same language, and how to create mutually beneficial and long-lasting relationships. I have been fascinated by the partnership opportunities, and I’m interested in seeing how these partnerships will evolve.


cookie jar from Urban Barn


home decor items from Chapters-Indigo

5. The Venue – Fairmont Royal York Hotel, Toronto.

Oh, the Royal York. It’s a classic. I wanted each and every chandelier.



Having a beautiful backdrop for BlogPodium is essential. We are design bloggers after all! The food, decor, and service at the Fairmont Royal York was top-notch. I have pretty high expectations of fancy high-end places, and the Royal York did not disappoint.

6. Bonus: Taking Friendships Offline

One of the things that I value most about blogging is the chances I’ve had to meet new people. The Canadian design blogging community is full of people who are hard working, committed, interested, friendly, and dedicated. I have reached out to other bloggers on numerous occasions asking them for advice, and others have reached out to me. Our community is strong and helpful, and I think we should be really proud of the work that we do on and offline. We are a group that is committed to learning, sharing, and engaging with others.

Etsy-Photobooth-BlogPodium-WhiteCabana having fun in the Etsy photobooth with Brittany, Brittany, and Tia

And there you have it – my BlogPodium 2014 update in a few short paragraphs.

Thanks especially to Jennifer and her hard-working team for making BlogPodium another event to remember. You successfully brought a group of 300 friends together for a day of fun and learning! Thanks also to the many sponsors and exhibitors who filled our day with contests, giveaways, and beautiful products.

Photos by Flow Photo and Jordana.

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Marketplace: The Bathory

When I saw Michelle’s Instagram photo of some bath products, I was honestly attracted more to the packaging than what was really inside. I love design, as you know, but I’m only now really learning a few things about beauty. So I was more than pleased when The Bathory offered to send me personalized bath salts.


Before I talk about the salts, I’ve got to tell you about The Bathory’s website. It’s awesome. It’s beautifully design, incredibly easy to navigate, and it’s amusing, too.

You follow a couple of simple steps to get your personalized salts. First, you choose the type of bath you’d like to create: bask, soothe, or detox.


You then pick one salt mix and three oils.


TheBathory-6If you’re uncertain about the combo of salts and oils, you tell The Bathory how you want to feel.TheBathory-4Aren’t the glass bottles and labels modern?

I followed the two-step process and placed my order for a bask bath soak infused with bergamot, grapefruit, and sandalwood oils.


I’m not sure about you, but I love it when things are all about me. I’m a Leo, so I’m meant to crave attention. It is for this reason that I adore personalized products. About a week after I placed my order, my salts arrived by royal mail (awesome, yes!)


The-Bathory-White-Cabana-2 The-Bathory-White-Cabana-4The-Bathory-White-Cabana-3You’ve heard me complain about my big bathroom, but I do actually feel spoiled with the jacuzzi tub. I have been taking more baths lately, and The Bathory‘s bath salts have come in very handy. They smell good, my baths are calming, and my skin feels pretty good after a soak with the salts. The formula must be working!


From start to finish – my shopping experience with The Bathory was smooth and enjoyable. I’d say The Bathory has something great going on.

Thank you to Brandi and The Bathory for sending me personalized bath salts.

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Marketplace: White at Muji

I could buy pretty much everything from Japanese wonder shop, Muji. The collection is organized, cohesive, and practical.



wall clock, $55.75


porcelain tray, $13.25



earphones, $19.50


plastic eraser, $1.25


hair clip, $2.95


shirt, $29.98 (on sale)


calculator, $18.95


porcelain rice bowl, $5.95


French linen scarf, $27.97 (on sale)

The first Muji in Canada is set to open this December in Toronto’s Eaton Centre.

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20 Below: Ikea’s Jansjo LED Work Lamp

I’m not sure if the Jansjo would provide me with enough light to work, but I sure do like its simple design.


Jansjo work lamp, $12.99, Ikea

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Personal: Sick Day

I have so much to share from my weekend, but I am completely sick, so I’m going to have to keep you in suspense while I take a sick day.


via Style at Home

In the meantime, you could keep me entertained by telling me what fun you had this weekend.

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Event: Remembering September 11, 2001

Before and After 9-11-01 - Master John Harrattan1 (3)_0via 9/11 Memorial

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Event: BlogPodium 2014 is this Saturday!

Every year at around this time, design and lifestyle bloggers gather in Toronto for BlogPodium. Led by Jennifer Flores, and organized by a crew of talented people, BlogPodium gives bloggers and brands the opportunity to take their conversations offline. Yes, of course there will be lots of Twittering and Instagraming going on during this Saturday’s BlogPodium, but I know I’m not alone in saying that one of the best things about the event will be the face-to-face conversations.


There is so much to look forward to this year. I have no doubt that these speakers, these sponsors, and these exhibitors will make for a rich and informative day at the historic Fairmont Royal York.



I’m especially looking forward to this year’s BlogPodium because my first ever ceramics collaboration with Toronto’s Inspirations Studio will be up for auction. Here’s a teeny peek:


 White Cabana + Inspirations Studio

In addition, I will be presenting for the second time at BlogPodium. My roundtable discussion, titled Blog Writing 101: Crafting a cohesive, concise, and conversational post, will be centred on how to write effective and credible blog posts.


I’ll be sure to share a recap of the big day in the weeks that follow. If you are itching for the play-by-play, follow along via Twitter and Instagram.

p.s. I haven’t yet figured out my outfit.
p.p.s. Walk down memory lane – read my posts about BlogPodium 2012 and BlogPodium 2013.

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20 Below: Work It Print by SS Print Shop

I love the black glasses…


and I also love the white ones…


Each are only $15 from Stephanie Sterjovski’s SS Print Shop.

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Marketplace: Poppin Plays Ping Pong

A ping pong table that plays double duty? I love it. High five, Poppin.


black & white ping pong table, $3000, Poppin

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The Friday Five: High vs. Low Furniture

I love the high-low columns that magazines like Style at Home feature. Sometimes it’s so darn tricky to spot the differences. Inspired by these columns, today I’m featuring five high-low pieces.


high: Thompson sofa, $5565, Elte


low: Tristan sofa, $1199, Leon’s


high: Jimmy sling chair, $2285, Elte


low: chrome and leather sling chair, $70


high: Hampstead painted sofa frame, $694.99, Pottery Barn


low: Coral Coast pleasant bay bench, $179.98


high: Brinkley demilune single sink vanity, $1699, Pottery Barn


low: Bella vanity, $720, Empire Industries


high: luxe faux fur stool, $348, Anthropologie


low: faux fur stool, $125, Etsy (also: DIY stool 1, DIY stool 2)

So? Were they easy to guess this time? Have a great weekend!

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