Travel: Caudalie, Bordeaux, France

When I was in university (the first time), I spent my third year abroad in Bordeaux, France. I loved every minute of my experience there. My French improved drastically, I learned so much about the French way of living, and I met incredible people along the way. Bordeaux is a beautiful city and region. If you like wine, this is an incredible destination. The city is manageable in size, and the people are friendly (or friendlier than Paris, definitely).

I’ve only been a couple of time post-university, and each time, I have enjoyed my stay. If I get to the Bordeaux region again one day, I think I’ll have to stay at Les Sources de Caudalie. It is on a beautiful property surrounded by vineyards; it also has an exceptional restaurant and spa. And the rooms? They are unique and a pretty mix of traditional and modern.

All photos from Les Sources de Caudalie. I learned about this amazing property from Daphné of Mode and the City.

Truth Talk: Lazy Winter Days

The rainy weather this past weekend put a wrinkle in my super fun plans. Flooded roads from the heavy rainfall meant that it was safer for everyone to stay put than make their way to Waterloo for a night on the town. Such is winter life, I guess!

Instead of hanging out with friends, I continued on with my weekly chores, then curled up by the fire for many hours in the afternoon.

I watched The Kindness Diaries and sipped on tea for hours. Could I have done work instead? Of course! But I wasn’t motivated to do so!

I’m so grateful for this cozy space in my home. It is the perfect place to relax on the laziest of days.