The Friday Five: Lovely to Read

Welcome to the Friday Five – Valentine’s Edition! Here are five lovely things to read over the weekend.

1.This article about handwritten Valentine cards.

2.This list of 10 date ideas.

3. The book Love Sense by Sue Johnson.

4. I Like You – a classic (now vintage) book about showing you care and developing lovely friendships and relationships. Brain Pickings noted it as an illustrated ode to friendship. So sweet.

5. This article about how love is good for us.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Celebrate: Lovely Art

I’ve had heart eyes for these two artists for a long while now.

Kerri Rosenthal is an artist, interior designer, and stylist based out of Connecticut. Her work is happy, graphic, and colourful (but there’s also plenty of black and white!).

Yes to Love art print, $550+USD, Kerri Rosenthal
20/20 Vision art print, $550+USD, Kerri Rosenthal
Sign Language of Love art print, $550+USD, Kerri Rosenthal
I Love You So art print, $550+USD, Kerri Rosenthal
Love Big Love art print, $550+USD, Kerri Rosenthal

Monica Ajenjo is a hyper-realist artist based in Madrid. Her pieces look so real and three dimensional, but she’s only using paint and wood. Incredible. I have previously featured her bows, but today I’m focused on her hearts.

Truth Talk: Heart Health

What do you do to keep your heart healthy? Do you exercise? Eat healthy? Spend time with family and friends? Share laughs with others?

In addition to all of the above, to keep my heart healthy – and to keep my blood pressure low – I drink at least one cup of hibiscus tea every single day.

My doctor recommended that I incorporate hibiscus tea into my diet. Read about the benefits of hibiscus tea here, here, here, and here (and many other places online!).

For the most part, I buy my loose leaf pure hibiscus tea from Distinctly Tea in Waterloo. I have also bought tea bags whenever I have found them in stores.

Celebrate: Happy Hearts

I have always liked Valentine’s Day. As a child or as an adult, whether I’ve been single or in a relationships, I’ve liked February 14th. Why not take a day to spread love as far as you can? Why not take a break from the dreary February weather to eat a chocolate (or several)? Seems like a good idea to me!

When my mom had her flower shop, I used to work with her on February 14th, and I packed countless boxes of roses and flowers over the years. We heard all sorts of stories of love. We saw teenagers come in to buy a single stem for their sweethearts, we helped husbands pick out bouquets of flowers for their wives, and we chatted with little kids who wanted to pick out a special treat for their moms. Love was all around! And I always got flowers of my own at the end of the day!

So this week, let’s spread some love! Stay tuned to a full week of Valentine’s posts!

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I want those heart eyeglasses, but my prescription is too strong!