Personal: September Update of My 2022 Goals

September has come and gone so fast! The start of the school year, a new role at work, and the return to in-person events has made for a really hectic month. My routines are non-existent and “what’s normal” is foreign concept.

  1. Write with my fountain pen. Yes! Mostly. I still love this pen. Bonus – to my surprise, one of my former students sent me another TWSBI fountain pen as a thank you gift, and I love it, too. Each TWSBI is just so beautifully designed. Even if you’re not a fountain pen user, you’d appreciate the design, I’m sure. Now that I have three fountain pens, can I call myself a collector?
  2. Complete house projects. We didn’t have any projects on the go in September.
  3. Stay active. Walking. But not as often as I’d like.
  4. Host people. Oh, yes. People are over at our place a lot. We’ve had coffee chats, dinners, pop-in visits, and kids hangouts. The house is being well-used!
  5. Travel. Sadly, no. We’ve stayed local throughout the month, visiting different areas in the Waterloo Region. The campaign trail (my beau is running for Mayor) has led us to awesome places.
  6. Read more. Yes. Audio books have been great on my long commute. I listened to Counterfeit by Kirstin Chen, Beach Read by Emily Henry, and Lessons in Chemistry by Bonnie Garmus. I’ve also restarted Barack Obama’s A Promised Land. It’s making even more sense now that I’m involved in local politics.
  7. Tame garbage. Reduce waste. Should I give up?
  8. Floss regularly. Yes. On it! My dentist had nothing but compliments at my September check-up!
  9. Stop procrastinating. Pretty much. There’s no time to procrastinate right now.
  10. Have fun! Yes. Mostly I’ve been having fun attending local events and meeting all sorts of people in the Waterloo region!

I now think I need to add things to my goals list before the end of 2022 arrives.

New additions:

  1. Do more things for me. I need to be a bit more selfish. I’ve been really busy with work and home life that some of the things that I used to do regularly have been pushed to the side. These include the simplest things like going to the mall and picking out a new mascara.
  2. Clean out closets. This seems like such a daunting task. My office and clothing closets need a clean out. I hope to tackle these two before the end of the year.
  3. Blog. I keep renewing domains and telling people about my White Cabana life, but should I continue? The next few months will either push me to blog more or to bid adieu.
  4. Buy art. I think I might cross this off my list before it’s barely been on. I ordered a Christi Belcourt print as well as a print from a young, local artist Ama Liyanage. Neither are expensive, but both are lovely. I can’t wait to get each piece framed and on walls. Maybe there’ll be another purchase before 2023. Still to be determined!

Wishing all of my Canadian readers a Happy Thanksgiving!

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