Personal: May Update of My 2022 Goals

This is actually my April and May update, since I was in France at the end of April, and pre-writing an updated listed slipped my mind. Here is where things stand in terms of my 2022 goals.

  1. Write with my fountain pen. No. Unfortunately, my fountain pen broke, and I haven’t yet gone to the pen store to get it replaced/fixed.
  2. Complete house projects. Yes. In the powder room, everything is done except for the delayed delivery of the toilet roll holder. In the kitchen, our sink and faucet have arrived, so I’m sorting out counter top options. My beau installed a new pendant over the island, which I love. The refresh in another bathroom is nearly complete, too. I’m waiting on the delayed delivery of two hooks. In that room, we painted, installed new trim, installed new lights, updated some electrical, and upgraded the accessories. We also hired a team to clean our windows inside and out, and what an amazing difference this has made! Outside, we planted our first veggie garden. Grow, little veggies, grow!
  3. Stay active. Sort of. We walked a lot in France, and I seem to be walking a decent amount every day at work. Beyond walking, nothing else is happening in the “stay active” department.
  4. Host people. Yes. While we didn’t have a May music night, we’ve had people drop-in regularly for a coffee, meal, or a chat. We love having people fill our home with laughter and stories.
  5. Travel. Yes! Hooray! A week in France in April did me good! C’est si bon!
  6. Read more. Sort of. I have paused on audio books, but I’ll get back into them shortly. I’m reading The Paris Library by Janet Skeslien Charles, and countless academic pieces for work.
  7. Tame garbage. Reduce waste. Sort of. I’m still making slight improvements, but nothing worth writing about. I find this to be a challenge. The packaging that everything comes in is hard to get around.
  8. Floss regularly. Yes. Daily. My dental hygienist didn’t give me as much praise as I was hoping she would, but I continue to floss daily. Easy peasy.
  9. Walk regularly. Yes. See number 3.
  10. Stop procrastinating. Yes. Especially with work. I am taking on a new role at work soon, and my workload has already increased. I feel like I’ve been forced to decrease my procrasinating.
  11. Have fun! Yes! April and May were both great months overall. I saw friends and family regularly, and I had great catch-up phone calls with faraway friends. At work, it’s been great to see colleagues in person. The sunshine and warmth has also increased my positive attitude!

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  1. Silvia Del Rosso May 30, 2022

    Great post. Keep it up!


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