Personal: July Updates of My 2022 Goals

A few weeks late, but here’s my July update:

July is definitely the best month of the year. Not only is the sun shining, but it’s my birthday month! Hooray! Every day is a reason to celebrate.

  1. Write with my fountain pen. Yes! I love this pen.
  2. Complete house projects. Yes. The kitchen makeover is just about complete (just need to decide on hardware), which makes me incredibly happy. The investment wasn’t large, but it has made an incredible difference to how our kitchen looks and how much more positive my mood is when I’m in it. Worth every penny. I’ll share photos again soon.
  3. Stay active. Sort of. Walking. Walking. Walking. That’s about all.
  4. Host people. Yes. People are constantly dropping by for a coffee, drinks, meal, or chat. We also hosted my birthday party, which was a lot of fun!
  5. Travel. We’ve continued to cottage (it is a verb, right) this month. We did book a trip in the fall, which I’m thrilled about.
  6. Read more. Yes. I continue to breeze through audio books. I finished This Time Next Year (easy rom com read) and An Object of Beauty. Read it. It’s a work of fiction by Steve Martin set in New York’s art and art auction world. It’s great. In my academic life, I’m prepping to teach a new course this fall, so I’m reading, reading, reading all about intercultural communication. I’ve also received a stack of books about Indigenous pedagogy, so there’s that, too. A lot on the go in my work reading life!
  7. Tame garbage. Reduce waste. Sort of. Ongoing battle to tame the garbage. I’m also now battling the garbage delivery team. Their work is unpredictable. Some times they decide to take our compost bin and sometimes they don’t. It’s very annoying.
  8. Floss regularly. Yes. Mostly daily still!
  9. Stop procrastinating. Yes. There has been no time to procrastinate this month.
  10. Have fun! Yes. Between a week of birthday celebrations and every day amusements, July was a very fun month!

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