Mixing it Up: Black and White

Today’s post is a bit of a mix-up. I just wanted to share some black and white photos¬†I¬†have recently snapped.

I saw this accordion at the St. Jacobs antique mall and loved the bedazzled scroll work.

White-Cabana-antique accordion

Rox-Anne and I enjoyed a¬†great brunch at the¬†relatively new Gilt Restaurant in¬†Kitchener a few weeks ago here in KW. The restaurant is ideally located at King & Victoria, and the food and decor were both impressive. Here’s a quick peek at the washroom entry.

White-Cabana-Gilt Restaurant

And since I’m on the bathroom train, I just loved the black and white hex flooring in the bathroom at Toronto’s Royal Alexandra¬†theatre.¬†What a pretty border!White-Cabana-Royal Alex


Black and white is classic!

Design: Dalmatian Dots

No, I’m not getting a dog.¬†But I do think dalmatians are beautiful,¬†and¬†I love how¬†dalmatian dots inspire art and¬†interior design.


via Houzz


Dalmation stapler, $24, Anthropologie


via Pinterest


dalmation photograph, $27, Etsy


Naomi Campbell, photo by Peter Lindbergh for Vogue US 1990; source


dalmatian tote, $225, Milly


via Twirling Clare


Dalmation print, $7, Chapters-Indigo


via Inside Out Design


via The Design Files

The Friday Five: Place Des Vosges

Place des Vosges¬†in Le Marais is one of my most favourite places in all of Paris. It’s beautifully rosy and completely symmetrical. The archways are lovely to walk under and the centre courtyard is the perfect place for throwing a frisbee (not me, but I’ve seen others do it!), lounging around, and taking a break from the noise of the city. It is the oldest planned square in the city and it has a long and interesting history¬†(going back to 1604!) that included several name changes (Place Royale to Place des Vosges and back again). At one point it was simply a lawn for hosting duels. People like Cardinal Richelieu (French prime minister) and Victor Hugo (author) lived in the apartments of Place des Vosges (during various centuries). Like all of Paris, this place has a story to tell!

White-Cabana-Place-des-vosges-Paris-5White-Cabana-Place-des-vosges-Paris-1 White-Cabana-Place-des-vosges-Paris-2 White-Cabana-Place-des-vosges-Paris-3 White-Cabana-Place-des-vosges-Paris-4Place des Vosges, Paris, photos by Jordana

Happy Friday everyone! Have a wonderful weekend!

The Friday Five: Ian Stevenson’s Art

A day late with the Friday Five this week but nevermind…here we are now. I hope you all had a wonderful week. What are your weekend plans?

I was due to attend Art Toronto but I couldn’t make it in the end (the first time in a few years). I know it was another great success and I hope to be back into my Art Toronto-attending routine next year.

Thought I’d wrap up the week with some art anyway – this time with black and white line drawings from UK-artist¬†¬†Ian Stevenson.


Pacman’s Hungry


A Royal Mug


Buy Stuff


Turn it Off


Something Great

Celebration: Happy Birthday Duke!

Duke, my oldest nephew, turns 4 today. This little guy currently is fascinated by tornadoes…



and dinosaurs…


via Retronaut

Random fact – Duke thinks I am going to send him a tray of meatballs. Yes – quite the imagination at 4 years old! I’m not going to be the one to tell him that I’ve never actually made meatballs and I doubt Canada Post would mail them to NYC even if I did make them. The little cutie definitely keeps me entertained!

Happy Birthday Duke!

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