Marketplace: Piggy Banks

Now that Christmas spending is over with, I can start saving for my next vacation! Are you saving up for anything special? Do you use a piggy bank to help reach your goals?


Selma Durand piggy bank


elephant bank, $88, Jonathan Adler


Racheli C. Sharfstein Bushka Banks via Minimalissimo


J. Schatz egg bank, $155


Woodland Park elephant bank, $50, Kate Spade


Duell coin bank, $9.95 (on sale), MoMA

Conceptual art at MoMA

Last week when I was at the Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art I snapped this photo of Marcel Duchamp’s conceptual art installation:


Did you know that Duchamp is considered to be one of the most important artists of the 20th century? I suppose having a spot at the MoMA would indicate as much. I have since discovered that he is considered to be one of three major artists (along with Picasso and Matisse) who revolutionized plastic arts at the start of the 20th century and important developments in painting and sculpture.

You’ll also be interested to know that he was an adviser to notable art collectors including Peggy Guggenheim and so nudged her and other major movers and shakers of the day into appreciating and collecting modern art such as the works by Picasso, Magritte, Tunnard, Dali, Chagall and so on.

Isn’t it great what a day at the museum can do?

Image by me.

The Friday Five: Flatware

Does your flatware set have a history?

My everyday flatware (I am not mature enough to have a separate fancy set) is a hand-me-down set from my parents. My dad was working in Sweden for a while and he brought back this Boda Buffe cutlery set as a gift for my mom.


The set has been in my possession for almost a decade and I still love its design. I’ve been in search of replacement pieces but I’ve been unsuccessful. I did, however, come across this ad from an Australian newspaper, The Age, from 1983. Fun! (I don’t have the stand, by the way.)

Boda Buffe Ad_May 3 1983_The Age_AustraliaBoda Buffe advertisement, May 3, 1983, in The Age

While I have no desire to buy a new flatware set anytime soon, it is still interesting to see what’s available in simple, sleek, and modern design. Maybe one day I will find it necessary to own more than one set.

lard--piece-flatware-set__0104599_PE251625_S4LARD flatware, $19.99 (on sale), Ikea


Foster flatware, $25, Crate & Barrel

Vera Wang Wedgewood flatwareVera Wang Wedgewood flatware, $75, Macy’s

MoMa_Arne_Jacobsen_FlatwareArne Jacobsen flatware, $100, MoMa

sVilleroy & Boch flatware, $346 (on sale) 60 piece set, Macy’s

Update: My set looks a bit yellow in the photo but I can assure you the handles are very white. Also, my dad wanted me to add that he bought the set in 1980 in Stockholm.

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