Two for Tuesday: Sand Timers

I know many of us turn to our iPhone, iWatchs, iEverything when we’re looking for the time, but there’s definitely something charming of the old-school (or old-old-old school) way of keeping track of time.

Here are two options from CB2 that can keep you on track for a 15-minute or 1-hour activity.

15-minute sand timer

white sand hour glass


Marketplace: Back to School Favourites

Back to school season is the busiest for me. While I know many of my readers – and bloggers who I follow – have been getting their kiddies ready for the season, I’ve been busy on the other end of the school life. I work at the university, I teach, and I take courses, too. I have to get myself ready – not just for my professor life, but also for my student life. And this all means that September is the start of everything. These last couple of weeks have been very hectic as I’ve been adapting to my new routine, trying to remember my schedule, and figuring out when to do all the other stuff in my life – friends, family, chores – during the week.

To help me stay organized, here are four of my must-haves for school and work.

1. Agenda

I used to buy whatever agenda seemed cute and affordable. For the last couple of years though, I’ve opted for the Moleskine agenda that has the calendar on one side and a notes page on the other. I absolutely adore this set-up. It’s two notebooks in one for me. I’ve gotten rid of my “ideas/to do lists/things to remember” notebook, and simply carry around one sweet Moleskine. I have yet to find a white agenda version, so I’ve opted for red for the second year in a row.

Moleskine agenda

2. Binders

While I’m fairly tech-savvy, I am traditional when it comes to reading materials and taking notes for my MBA classes. As in – I read off of printed paper, and I write notes on paper, too. The way that my MBA courses are set up this term, I am finding it best to gather my readings and notes in binders.

white binder

3. Water Bottle

I am trying (again) to cut down on coffee and tea consumption. My water intake has always been really good, but it gets even easier when I have a water bottle on my desk. This one from bkr is rock ‘n roll cool!

water bottle

4. Tote bag

I normally carry my Timbuk2 El Rio backpack to/from school/work every day, but I sometimes have to alternate my backpack with a tote depending on what my day holds. I have several Longchamp Le Pliage totes, so it’s easy enough to grab one and go.

tote bag




The Friday Five: Round Mirrors

Round mirrors haven’t ever gone away in the design world, but I haven’t written about them in a long while, so I thought I’d revisit this stylish accessory today.

via The Design Chaser

via Tiffany Leigh Design

via The Stables

via Vanessa Francis

via Kristina Lynne

via Homey Oh My

via Rambling Reno

Here are five round mirrors to consider if you’re in the market for one.

mirror, Wayfair, $149.99 CAD

mirror, Ikea, $99 CAD

mirror, CB2, $299 CAD

mirror, Umbra, $130 CAD

mirror, West Elm, $392.55 CAD





Marketplace: Sur La Table

I don’t just like it because of its French name, I like Sur La Table because of its beautiful selection of products. I remember visiting the store for the first time in NYC. We don’t have it here in Canada, but since I’ll be heading to Florida soon, I may try to stop in to the Tampa location one day.

Here’s a round-up of items that I’d add to my endless-budget wish list.

spatula spoon, rectangular terrine, lion’s head bowl, chef’s hat (because it’s so fun!), marble and glass cloche, Rosle balloon whisk, lion salt and pepper shakers, coffee mug, mortar and pestle


The Friday Five: The Classic Striped Dress

I used to avoid stripes at all costs. Now, I embrace them. I have a collection of too many striped tops (but, really, can you ever have too many), and a few classic striped dress. They’re easy to wear, and are good for work and for evening events. And, they come in every price point, so there’s something out there for everyone’s budget. Here are five that have recently caught my eye.

t-shirt dress, $34.99 USD, L.L.Bean

stripe flounce-sleeve dress, $109 USD, Talbots

stripe flutter-sleeve dress, $160 USD, Kate Spade

bell sleeve dress, $192 CAD, via Nordstrom

MDS stripes dress, $245 USD, Club Monaco





Fashion: Spring Picks from Club Monaco

Club Monaco releases beautiful collections each season, but its light, airy, and white pieces in the spring/summer collections are particularly beautiful. I rarely get to a Club Monaco store because we don’t have one in the Waterloo region, but when I do, I try to pick up a piece or two that will be a little something special in my wardrobe. This skirt and this skirt, for example, have served me well over the years!

Peibi top, $119 CAD (on sale)

Vidorus scallop tie skirt, $99 CAD (on sale)

coin necklace, $129 CAD (on sale)

Colby scalloped dress, $229 CAD

Isota Lina tote, $285 CAD

Emberlynn sweater, $159.50 CAD

Feed 100 shopper, $38 CAD










Hotel to Home: Byron Beach Abodes

About 10 years ago, I spent a month in Australia. It was as wonderful as you can imagine. While I spent much of my time in Surfers Paradise, I did some traveling along the east coast, too. At the time, I was very much a budget traveler, but if I went back now, I’d love to save up and stay in places like the Byron Beach Abodes.  I’m only showing you one small bedroom today, but you must have a browse around the various suites and villas. Everything is just beautiful and inviting.

Byron Beach Abodes

Really liking the look of the bedroom? Here’s where you might go to find similar items:

crystal doorknob, striped duvet cover, chair, air plant, shelf, wood picture frames, salvaged wood mirrors, lamp






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