Marketplace: Costco Favourites

We got our Costco membership soon after we moved in together. I wanted to see if the Costco experience would help with our food budget Overall, I think it has. It’s quite a task to shop there as it’s definitely more time-consuming than a trip to a small grocery store, and loading everything in to the car and then out of the house is a workout. Because of these reasons, I try to limit my trips to every 6 weeks or so, and then I stock up on our favourites. What are they, you ask? Read on!

I also tend to pick up beef, chicken, frozen shrimp, Balderson cheddar, Rao pizza sauce (a new addition), spices, and Cascade. I look for sales on other items we might need like canned tuna and olive oil.

We’ve also bought random things like a wet/dry vac (how’d we live without one?) and my hydrangea plants. One of my favourite Costco purchases of all time has to be my retractable hose.

I’d love to know your Costco recommendations, so please share a comment.

p.s. This was not a sponsored post. But maybe it should have been!

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