Hotel to Home: Palazzinag, Venice

Let’s show some love to the land of gondolas today, shall we? I’m taking you inside the luxurious Palazzinag hotel in Venice.

Executive room

Here’s my interpretation – complete with Venetian mirror, marble topped bistro table, and unique Fornasetti chair.

Venetian mirror, Fornasetti chair, bistro table, curtains, end table, lamp, white linens, drinking glasses











Hotel to Home: White 1921, Courchevel, France

When I was living in France in my 20s, I joined a group on a ski trip to the Pyénées. I was fairly adventurous at the time, and even though I wasn’t much of a skiier, I was eager for the trip. I remember having a great time overall, but what I remember the most is going on the wrong chairlift, being dropped off on a mountain that was way too advanced for my skills, and walking down the mountain. Not fun. But also sort of fun because I was with a friend and we laughed as we hiked down. I think I have only skied once or twice since then. I think I’m more of a cross-country skier or snowshoe fan at this point in my life – even though I’ve never tried either.

All things considered, though, if I found myself in the ski area of Courchevel, France, and staying at the White 1921, I’d be happy. Look at the views! And look at this bright, modern bedroom.

White 1921

Here’s my take on the look:

pendant light, wall decals, bed, duvet cover, Nespresso, pillows, rug, sheet set

Do you have any successful – or challenging – ski stories you’d like to share?






Hotel to Home: B2 Boutique Hotel, Zurich, Switzerland

We are traveling to one of my favourite countries today – Switzerland! While I spent most of my time in the small – but extremely luxurious – town of Gstaad during my visits to Switzerland, I have been fortunate to see many parts of the country.

Zurich, for example, is one city worth visiting because of the art, festivals, and architecture. If you go, perhaps you’ll consider staying at today’s feature hotel – the B2 Boutique Hotel and Spa.

Here’s my take:

bed, bench, pendant lights, black chair, curtains, dining chair, table, blanket


Hotel to Home: Aman Tokyo, Japan

I would like to go to Japan. It has been on my mind for a couple of years now, and I had it on my to do list last year, but then I had the chance to go to Italy, and I could not pass up on that opportunity.

But this year, Japan is back on my mind. Don’t be surprised if you see Japanese hotels pop up on my hotel to home series. Today, I’m sharing a peek into the Aman Tokyo.


Aman Tokyo


bed, bed linens, throw blanket, rug, table lamp, console table, vase, art






Hotel to Home: Lloyd’s Inn, Singapore

Shall we take a little trip to Singapore today? Yes, let’s.

I would love to travel to Singapore in the next few years. While I was there when I was very little, I definitely don’t remember a thing about it! I’d love to see the sights, take in the architecture, and observe how people live (so darn curious, I am!).

I came across so many lovely hotels in my online travel dream research, but for today, I’m taking a closer peek into a room at Lloyd’s Inn.

In the Skyroom, you’ll notice that the bathtub is outside. This is the case in other suites as well. I love it. How exotic and luxurious!


Here’s my take:White-Cabana-bedroom-design-Hotel to home

Kohler tub, tub filler, plants, plant pot, bed frame, window, Frette duvet cover, bed pillow










Hotel to Home: Cobblers Cove, Barbados

I’ve only been to the Caribbean once on a cruise a few years ago. It was a glorious week-long vacation where my hardest decision was about what bikini I should wear. The trip was wonderful, and I’d definitely be open to cruisin’ again. Our itinerary on that trip led us to various places in the Caribbean – St. Lucia, Aruba, St. Kitts, and Curacao – which gave me a glimpse into the Caribbean way of island life.

Thinking about that part of the world, I have decided to take us to Cobblers Cove, which is a Relais & Chateaux hotel on the island of Barbados.

Cobblers Cove’s ocean-front suites look to be rich without being stuffy. As the hotel website announces, Cobblers Cove is where “cool colonial style meets gracious Caribbean living”. I mean, doesn’t that sound ideal? You wouldn’t have to twist my arm to have me stay in any of the rooms, but the Colleton at the Great House is my preferred suite, design-wise.


Colleton suite, Cobblers Cove, Barbados

Using the Colleton suite as inspiration, here’s the room that I’ve put together for today’s hotel-to-home.


bed, chaise, lamp, mirror, desk, chair, pineapple pillow, pineapple pillow, green pillow, plant, pineapple, rug, art, bed linens

Putting this room together has reminded me that I think I need a pineapple somewhere in my home.

Hotel to Home: Macalister Mansion in Malaysia

Let’s jet off to Malaysia today, shall we?

Today, I’m bringing you to the Macalister Mansion in Georgetown, Penang. Condé Nast put this hotel on its 2013 hot list, and it only takes a moment to discover why. This restored colonial mansion (built in the early 1900s) is luxurious and charming. The eight rooms are individually designed and feature beautiful furnishings and art.

Room 6 caught my attention because of the art above the bed. It is a commissioned piece by Indonesian artist Albert Yonathan called “Sailing the Celestial Sea”. Oooh…I love all the “s” sounds in that title! The porcelain ship pieces were hand cast, and the work was inspired by the sea voyages of Sir Norman Macalister who was one of the first British Governors of Penang from 1808-1810 (when Penang was known as Prince of Wales Island).


Macalister Mansion

If I were to infuse the feeling of Room 6 into a new space, here’s what I might include:

Macalister-Malaysia-White-Cabana-Inspiration-Hotel to Home

bed, nightstand, table, armchair, hangers, sheet set, art, rug, speaker, lamp

Uptown: Working with Pink in my Basement

I didn’t intend to inject my basement with shades of pink, but some things were just meant to be. I couldn’t fight it. I didn’t want to fight it.

After I wrote about Minted’s collection of large-scale art, I was just about certain I was going to get a black and white piece for over my day bed. Instead, I was mesmerized by this piece, and I couldn’t say no. Minted generously sent over the gorgeous abstract art, and it hung vertically above my day bed for many months as I made progress on my fireplace redo.

*** Warning: Pink is about to make a brief appearance on White Cabana. ***

Holly-Katie-Craig-MintedHolly by Katie Craig

Once my fireplace makeover was complete, I turned my attention back to the daybed area of my space. I opted to rehang Katie Craig’s print horizontally, and I think it works much better in my space.

White-Cabana-Katie-Craig-Minted-artI adore the large-scale version of Katie Craig’s print. It’s bright and dramatic and bring a whole lot of interest to my space. As you can see, the room is still very much dominated by black and white even though there’s colourful art on the main wall. The addition of  fuchsia brings me joy, so I think I’ll keep it.

Here’s what (most) of the room looks like now:

White-Cabana-home-7 White-Cabana-home-3

I painted the Fjellse bed frame (made from two twins that came with my house) high gloss blackWhite-Cabana-home-1

(I’m still on the lookout for two side tables of the same height)


(featuring my most recent Alessi addition – Karim Rashid’s Hellraiser tray for Alessi)

White-Cabana-home-5 White-Cabana-home-6

see how I transformed my old 80s fireplace into this beauty

I have recently published this makeover on Domino. If you click here, you’ll see a couple of before photos.

Many thanks to Minted for sponsoring this post.

Sources: art – c/o Minted; day bed (two Fjellse singles joined and painted high gloss black) – Ikea; wall paint – c/o CIL; white tray – Style at Home; black side cart – Market Road Antiques in St. Jacobs; chevron pillow cases – Target; bicycle pillow case – Urban Barn; coffee and side tables – Kijiji; shag rug, lamps – vintage; silver tray – Alessi; fireplace mantle – vintage; bamboo ladder painted high gloss black – garage sale; ceiling light – Ikea; art on fireplace – Janet Hill Studio, Chapters Indigo (tea towel); hex fireplace tiles – Twin City Tile

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