Marketplace: Boxed Water

It’s a bit suprising that I haven’t yet featured Boxed Water. The packaging is right up my design alley. Not only that, but the design is environmentally-friendly.



photo credit: Jeff G. (my brother-in-law)

That being said, I’m actually one of those people who still drinks tap water. Call me crazy.

Learn more at Boxed Water is Better.

20 Below: Penny Paper Co. Packaging

The Penny Paper Co. is a Toronto-based stationery supply company owned by Lindsay Stephenson (of Little House Blog and BlogPodium fame). I’ve had my eye on her custom stamps for a while but I have only recently noticed these sweet cream-coloured drawstring bags.

large cotton drawstring bag, $6.25

Use them plain for wrapping small gifts or personalize them, fill them, and use them as party favours. Time to get crafty!