Design: Caribou Cabin in My Home

A couple of weeks ago, I shared news of Canadian newcomer Caribou Cabin. This shop designs, customizes, and manufactures chalkboards, magnetic whiteboards, and pinboards. The company generously sent me a beautiful square (34″ x34″) linen pinboard – white a white frame, of course.

Soon after the order was placed, my massive shipment arrived at my doorstep. The board was wrapped carefully and arrived safely to my home in Waterloo. When I saw the grey linen for the first time, I was impressed by the quality of the item. And the grey matched my home perfectly.

I leaned it up against the wall behind a cabinet in my living room which houses my radio, record player, and typewriter. I pinned up some memorable items from my office that I knew would look pretty and would also remind me of happy celebrations.

As I took my photos, I thought that the pinboard in my living room would be the perfect spot to showcase Christmas cards. And the great thing about the pinboard is that I can move it to other areas of my home such as a hallway landing area or office. The office is certainly an obvious spot for a pinboard, but I don’t think it’s the only place for it.

Thanks to Caribou Cabin for sponsoring this post. All photos and opinions are my own.


Marketplace: Caribou Cabin

I’m thrilled to share news of the recent launch of Caribou Cabin – a Canadian company specializing in well-designed and beautifully manufactured chalkboards, corkboards, whiteboards, and pinboards. Organization and art all in one item? Yes, please!

One of the reasons that I’m eager to write about Caribou Cabin is because I have known one of the owners – Tim – since highschool (aka – years and years) and when he emailed to let me know about his newest venture, I was happy to help spread the word.

Each board is manufactured in the company’s Toronto workshop, and great care is taken to design and manufacture high-quality products that suit individual styles and homes. Frames come in multiple finishes for every board category, but you’ll see that (as per usual) I lean toward the white, black, and grey options.

magnetic chalkboard (top: black frame, bottom: white frame)


magnetic whiteboards

linen pinboards

Whether you’re in the market for a chalkboard, corkboard, whiteboard, or pinboard, you can browse the selection at Caribou Cabin, choose your size, select your frame, and easily place your order online. What’s not to love?

Stay tuned for another Caribou Cabin feature soon as I’d like to give you an up-close look at the linen pinboard that I have in my own home. Spoiler alert – it’s lovely!

Marketplace: Getting Organized

I have two MBA exams this week, so in light of this fact, I thought I would shine the spotlight on some cool office and organizational items. Yes? Yes!

chic-white-and-gold-office-e1425573328592-1via Best Friends for Frosting

news_0332016 agenda, Julie Joliat

Notizkalender_grau_1x1_webmemo wall calendar, $30

geQg75p6FXRMsvPet3bLFaKsD0DGg9Jtw8Y3CUGkHCgwhite toy blocks calendar, $40

IMG_3672yay tray, $20

Work+Hard,+Play+Hard+Mug+on+DLK-1work hard, play hard mug, $18

810988010102_hi7 year pen, $9.95 (I have this, I think I’m on to year 4)

45555_A2_Small_Steel_Swiss_Railway_Clocksmall Swiss railway clock, $215

821276806475_hipencil holder, $38

acrylic book endacrylic collator and book end, $24

Design: Pantry / Workroom Storage Planning

There are always a few items on my renovation to do list. Even though my fireplace is currently ripped apart and waiting for my attention, my pantry/workroom is also on my mind. The room is an absolute mess. It’s a disorganized dumping ground for my tools, supply remnants, and random pieces of just about everything.

The plan is to turn this room into a more efficiently organized workroom and a cantina. A cantina, for all my non-Italian readers, is a cold storage room (or pantry, I guess). The cantina is basically the second heart of the home for Italians (2nd only to the kitchen). This is where we store thing like jars of Nutella, homemade jams, and extra household supplies. (It’s a gem of a room, let me tell you!)

I love that my house has a room that I can dedicate to being a cantina.

So, I’m currently doing research about the best options for storage racks for both my workroom materials and cantina items. I would really like this one room to serve both purposes. I’m totally inspired by the spaces below, but I know that recreating most of them is not realistic for my home. Just dreaming…

34-garage-workbenchvia The Design Files

d69adbe6f950bc62d66d1b4e98cab114Ina Garten’s pantry, via House Beautiful

pantry3via The Vintage Wren

4via Deuce Cities Henhouse

CL0203068t_2_vvia My Home Ideas

20 Below: To Do List Notepad by Garance Doré

I love back to school season! Of course I’m sad to see summer end, but I love the energy and excitement of September’s early days.

I’m heading back to back to school (I’ve never really left, actually), and one of the most essential things I have to have is my daily/weekly to do lists. I like to set attainable goals for my day/week, and if I don’t write down tasks and reminders, I’ll completely forget about them.



Garance Doré notepad, $5 (on sale at Chapters Indigo)

Isn’t this a classy notepad? That Garance Doré has got some style!

The Friday Five: Shoe Storage in Style

Have I been doing it all wrong? Shoe storage, that is. I’ve got my shoes in these and these, but maybe I should put them in places that look like these:


Recycled Consign & Design via Pinterest


Jamie Chung via Elle


Tabitha Simmons via Escapade


Whitney Port via The Coveteur


Whitney Port via The Coveteur

Yeah, right. My shoe collection would look ridiculous if it was anywhere but in the closet. Nobody needs to see my classic ballet flats or practical rain boots leaning against my crystal stemware.

Hope you all have a have a wonderfully luxurious long weekend!

Interiors: Open Shelving in the Kitchen

I had open shelving in my kitchen for a couple of months while I waited for a few cupboard doors to be made and installed. I didn’t quite work for me. Sure, there was one less barrier separating me and my plate, but the overall look was much too messy for me (yes, even considering my dishes are white and neatly stacked). But when I look at the kitchens below, I think the open shelves look completely fine and liveable.


white kitchen with open shelving, via Southern Living


white kitchen with open shelving, via Southern Living


white kitchen with open shelving, via Happy Hour Mom


white kitchen with open shelving, via House Beautiful


white kitchen with open shelving, via The Simply Luxurious Life

white kitchen my lovely things blog cococozy

white kitchen with open shelving, via CocoCozy


white kitchen with open shelving, via Maria Killam


white kitchen with open shelving, source unknown

The Friday Five: Bedrooms & Books

It’s Friday! Hooray! I don’t know about you but I am feeling quite worn out this week! It was a short week and my week wasn’t more busy than usual so I’m not sure why I feel so drained. If you’ve followed the reno updates this week on the blog and Twitter, then you’ll know that my weekend will not be filled with sleep-ins and lounging around with a good book. Instead, I’ll be giving it my all as I prime and paint my home (or as much as possible in one weekend) and I also am attending a “how to install backsplash tile” workshop at The Home Depot. I’m looking forward to it all even though it means my lazy days are on hold.

For today I’m leaving you with five bedrooms that showcase different approaches to incorporating books – aka a growing library – into the bedroom.

tumblr_mmftfrwu1e1rsz7pao1_1280via Snob


Safdie Rabines Architects via The Fete Blog (I know this isn’t a real bed but I couldn’t resist adding it in!)


via Alma-Nac


via A Merry Mishap

Bookshelf Fantasy For Bedroom White Bedroomsource unknown

What do you think? How do you arrange the books in your house? Are they in every room? Do you pile them high on the floor in your bedroom or do you have designated shelves? I’d love to know!

Happy Friday! Have a great weekend.


20 Below: Jewelry Stand

This branch jewelry stand is on sale so get it while it is still in stock at Urban Outfitters.

modern branch jewelry stand, $15 (on sale)

For readers in London, Ontario – are you excited about the arrival of Urban Outfitters downtown at Richmond & Oxford? I’m looking forward to seeing how the actual building has been transformed (remember when Blockbuster used to be there?).

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