Art: Lauren Clay

I’ve got loads to share from my weekend and a neat blog link up in the works for this week, but I thought I’d start the week off with some art because I think it would do us all some good to get some exposure to different kinds of art in 2017.

So, today, let me introduce you to Lauren Clay‘s large-scale sculptures. I see them as large, tamed marshmellow shapes.

  Hand of Devi

For the Big Bellied

Monochrome with Cowlick

Monochrome with Roof and Loops

Thanks to Design Crush for introducing me to the work of Lauren Clay.

Art: An Adoring Angel

The North Carolina Museum of Art in Raleigh is an absolutely beautiful place on the inside and out. The building as a whole is a sight to see, and the variety of art housed inside is quite impressive.

Many works caught my attention when I was last there, but it was this Adoring Angel that made me really stare. I love her, and I think today is a perfectly good day to share her with all of you.

White-Cabana-NCAM-2White-Cabana-NCAM-3 White-Cabana-NCAM_1Adoring Angel, German, Bavarian School, circa 1735-1760; photos by me

Event: Pottery Class at Inspirations Studio

Recently, I was invited back to Inspirations Studio in Toronto to take part in a pottery class with a group of my blogging colleagues (hi Renée, Brittany, Shannon, Amy). It was so fun! You may remember that last year, I designed a collection of pottery that was sold at BlogPodium. This time, though, it was my turn to get behind the wheel. Oh my goodness. I made a mess! And it was fun!

The afternoon began with a pro-potter giving us step-by-step instructions on how to throw the clay and form it into a small bowl using the wheel.

White-Cabana-pottery-2In just a few minutes, she made this perfectly formed bowl:

White-Cabana-pottery-3I made several attempts, but couldn’t quite get a symmetrical bowl. A little wonky bowl is a conversational piece, though, right? We also had the chance to roll out the clay and use different materials to imprint patterns on our pieces. I made a tray and rolled a piece of lace over it to create some texture.

White-Cabana-pottery-1Our pieces should be ready soon, and I’ll be sure to show you how they look post-firing. For now, here are a couple more photos from around the studio.White-Cabana-pottery-4 White-Cabana-pottery-5If you’re in Toronto and would like to have your own pottery experience, you might want to register for classes at Inspirations Studio.

Thanks to Lindsey T. and the team at Inspirations Studio for organizing a wonderful afternoon of pottery!

Design: Lalique

My jaw dropped as I browsed the Lalique website. Of course I was already familiar with Lalique glassware, but I had no idea the diversity of the collection, and how high the prices went. They go really high. As in, the price of a house high. Crazy! Lalique is one for movie stars and gazillionaires. Yes, them. Although I don’t have money to for a shopping spree at Lalique, I can certainly appreciate the artistry of the company’s collections.

On the low(er) end of Lalique:


2 flowers perfume bottle, $395


daisies pintray, $250


Kazak paperweight, $165


grapes panel, $210


100 Points decanter, $990

On the (really) high end of Lalique:


spiral bowl, $5.9K


reverie bookends, $5.8K


Equus vase, $26K


Bucéphale horse, $48.7K horse-head-Lalique


Horse’s head, $48K


Raisins bedcover, $15K


Masque de Femme sofa, $44K


Champs Elysée chandelier, $57K


Oak roundtable, $149.5K

cactus-double-table-Laliquecactus double table, $240K

How do Lalique owners feel if anything dropped/chipped/broke? I’d cry. Surely insurance coverage on Lalique items is a must!

Art: Saatchi Online

If you follow me on Instagram and Twitter then you know that I’ve got painting on my mind. That is, I’m determined to paint all the walls in my new house white. Which white? Not sure. I’m still working that out. While I am eager to get painting, I am also thinking about future artwork and placement. I have a ridiculously big main bathroom and I think a large striking piece of artwork would be perfect in the space.

There are some great sources of art online and in stores at every price point. Saatchi is one such online retailer that carries a wide selection of originals and prints. Here you can shop online for picture collages, mosaics, photography, and even sculpture from artists around the world.


White Out by Amelia Midori Miller (USA)


White by Ana Devora (USA)

Interior-Monica Trastoy

Interior by MĂłnica Trastoy (Spain)


Things From the Sea by Kriste Danil

Phidias I-Jason-Blackmore

Phidias I by Jason Blackmore (UK)


Letter to Mama by Catalina Viejo Lopez De Roda (USA)

Helia-Manel Rodrigues

Helia by Manel Rodrigues (Portugal)


Structure – Experimentation XVIII-3 by Francoise Issaly (Canada)

And the works at Saatchi aren’t all white. Just look at how vibrant these works are: Pink Wall, Turquoise Ocean Turquoise Sail, Hatch with Yellow and Green Shadows. 

* This is a sponsored post.

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