Art: Matt Shlian

These paper masterpieces are by Michigan artist Matt Shlian. I am amazed at how Matt has transformed flat pieces of paper to 3D sculptures that have movement, structure, and depth.


Penland Pleat


Ara 117





me and fred paper 1

Me and Fred

fred and me

Fred and Me (ball point pen drawing)

Here’s a video showing how Matt’s paper sculptures can really move:

Images courtesy of Matt Shlian. Many thanks to Adrienne S. for sending this my way.

Pop Up! – W Hotel in Ft. Lauderdale

A little late but…a few months ago my husband and I had a great time on a fabulous Caribbean cruise where I mostly slept, slept and slept. I  couldn’t ask for a better week given the state of my current New York life. We stayed at the wonderful W Fort Lauderdale beforehand where I spotted some interesting art and architecture!

Below are two photos of the lobby. The ceiling of the lobby is actually the bottom of the pool. Pretty great, right?

Has anyone else stayed at the W Fort Lauderdale? What did you think?

Post and photos by Corie.


20 Below: Jewelry Stand

This branch jewelry stand is on sale so get it while it is still in stock at Urban Outfitters.

modern branch jewelry stand, $15 (on sale)

For readers in London, Ontario – are you excited about the arrival of Urban Outfitters downtown at Richmond & Oxford? I’m looking forward to seeing how the actual building has been transformed (remember when Blockbuster used to be there?).

The Friday Five: Art Toronto 2012

Exactly one week ago I was browsing amazing collections of art at Art Toronto – Canada’s largest modern and contemporary art fair. Galleries from around the world came to display (and sell) some very special works of art – including eye-catching sculptures, photography, paintings and drawings.

Meddle by Andrew Smith, beeswax acrylic and plaster on plywood

Surrogate (monkey topiary) by Bethany Krull, porcelain & paper

Self-portrait White Marilyn by Yasumasa Morimura

as the wind carried it away by Matt Donovan & Hallie Siegal

Evocations by Andrew Fernandez, mixed media on paper

Images by me.


Art: Nithikul Nimkulrat’s Paper World

Some people have talent!

A colleague recently introduced me to the work of artist and textile designer Nithikul Nimkulrat after seeing her present at an academic conference in Europe. I am amazed at the intricacy of Nithikul’s white woven pieces of paper string and the way she thoughtfully and carefully combines art and research.

The Chandelier No. 2

The Glass and the Straw

The Cradle

The Coal Rake

The Birch Tree

The Man

The Chair

Isn’t it absolutely incredible what Nithikul can do with paper string? You can see more of her work here. She has also written this book which I’m sure does not disappoint.

Images courtesy of Ini Creation. Many thanks to Catherine D.H. for sending this my way.