Pop Up! – W Hotel in Ft. Lauderdale

A little late but…a few months ago my husband and I had a great time on a fabulous Caribbean cruise where I mostly slept, slept and slept. I  couldn’t ask for a better week given the state of my current New York life. We stayed at the wonderful W Fort Lauderdale beforehand where I spotted some interesting art and architecture!

Below are two photos of the lobby. The ceiling of the lobby is actually the bottom of the pool. Pretty great, right?

Has anyone else stayed at the W Fort Lauderdale? What did you think?

Post and photos by Corie.



  1. Idea Interiors January 22, 2013

    Aren’t the W’s divine? Living in Montreal here, our W is smack in the middle of the financial district. Boasts a terrific outdoor bar, and indoor club, not to mention dreamy rooms like those posted here! Just returned from Mexico – although I didn’t stay at the W, I did come back with a tan!

    Love your blog and follow it with coffee in the morning!

    Elena – http://www.ideainteriorsmtl.blogspot.ca

    • WhiteCabana January 23, 2013

      Hi Elena,
      Thank you so much for making time in your day for a little White Cabana! I very much appreciate your support and enthusiasm.
      Unfortunately I’ve never had a chance to experience The W. My lucky sister (Corie – the author of this post) has and had a wonderful time! I will have to take a tour of the W in Montreal the next time I’m there. I wonder how much white I’d find!

      • Idea Interiors January 23, 2013

        Hi Jordana ! How nice of you to take the time to email me! Well it’s freezing cold right now – 39 degrees celcius – so i suggest you visit in Summer. Montreal is the Paris of Canada so you must come!

        Would love it if you’d visit my little blog and if you like it enough follow me too!

        En plus – you speak a little French! 🙂


        • WhiteCabana January 23, 2013

          Oui, je parle francais! I’ve been to Montreal many times in fact and I’ve always enjoyed myself. The city definitely has a lot to offer! (Minus the crazy cold winter weather!)


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