Design: Peacock Chair by UUfie & Dupont Corian

Now – is this a chair, or is this a chair?

Jordana sitting on the Peacock chair, at the Interior Design Show, Toronto

The Peacock chair is the result of a collaboration between UUfie architectural firm and DuPont Corian (yes, as in the countertop material) which was completed for IDS 2012. If you can believe it, the Peacock is made from a single sheet of DuPont Corian which has been cut, bent and folded through a process of thermoforming (sounds like quite a process, right?).

If you want to see the Peacock chair up close, be sure to get yourself to IDS this weekend.


  1. sundeep @ Designwali January 28, 2012

    It was so nice to meet you @ Blogpodium….you are as lovely as your blog!

  2. Shannon (8foot6) January 28, 2012

    ooohhhh I loved that chair!

    nice meeting you in person Jordana Cabana!

    • Jordana January 29, 2012

      Great to meet you too! And I just loved meeting your sleepy bundle of joy! Oh – and seeing your leopard scarf up close. So lovely!

  3. Silvia January 30, 2012

    Amazing chair and a beautiful picture of Jordana!

    • Jordana January 30, 2012

      Thanks! It was definitely one of the highlights for me at IDS this year.


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