Art: Saatchi Online

If you follow me on Instagram and Twitter then you know that I’ve got painting on my mind. That is, I’m determined to paint all the walls in my new house white. Which white? Not sure. I’m still working that out. While I am eager to get painting, I am also thinking about future artwork and placement. I have a ridiculously big main bathroom and I think a large striking piece of artwork would be perfect in the space.

There are some great sources of art online and in stores at every price point. Saatchi is one such online retailer that carries a wide selection of originals and prints. Here you can shop online for picture collages, mosaics, photography, and even sculpture from artists around the world.


White Out by Amelia Midori Miller (USA)


White by Ana Devora (USA)

Interior-Monica Trastoy

Interior by Mónica Trastoy (Spain)


Things From the Sea by Kriste Danil

Phidias I-Jason-Blackmore

Phidias I by Jason Blackmore (UK)


Letter to Mama by Catalina Viejo Lopez De Roda (USA)

Helia-Manel Rodrigues

Helia by Manel Rodrigues (Portugal)


Structure – Experimentation XVIII-3 by Francoise Issaly (Canada)

And the works at Saatchi aren’t all white. Just look at how vibrant these works are: Pink Wall, Turquoise Ocean Turquoise Sail, Hatch with Yellow and Green Shadows. 

* This is a sponsored post.

Art: Red Hen Design

A couple of months ago Leah from Red Hen Design emailed me to ask me permission to use my photos of Saanen goats as inspiration for some paintings that she was going to be doing for the American Dairy Goat Association Convention. Yeah, I know! This request was a complete surprise to me but I was happy to help out Leah with her project.

So last week – Leah sent over images of her final paintings. My jaw dropped when I saw them. I’m pretty sure yours will too.

painting by Leah, original photo here

painting by Leah, original photo here

The painting of the group of goats has been printed onto stickers that will be applied to tins for the American Dairy Goat Association board members. I never could have dreamed that a photo I took – of goats no less – would provide such artistic inspiration. I’m thrilled and I hope those board members appreciate Leah’s dedication and talent.

If any of you are attending the American Dairy Goat Association Convention in Grand Rapids Michigan October 15-22, 2011, be sure to stop by Leah’s booth to say hello (and to buy some of her art)!