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A couple of months ago Leah from Red Hen Design emailed me to ask me permission to use my photos of Saanen goats as inspiration for some paintings that she was going to be doing for the American Dairy Goat Association Convention. Yeah, I know! This request was a complete surprise to me but I was happy to help out Leah with her project.

So last week – Leah sent over images of her final paintings. My jaw dropped when I saw them. I’m pretty sure yours will too.

painting by Leah, original photo here

painting by Leah, original photo here

The painting of the group of goats has been printed onto stickers that will be applied to tins for the American Dairy Goat Association board members. I never could have dreamed that a photo I took – of goats no less – would provide such artistic inspiration. I’m thrilled and I hope those board members appreciate Leah’s dedication and talent.

If any of you are attending the American Dairy Goat Association Convention in Grand Rapids Michigan October 15-22, 2011, be sure to stop by Leah’s booth to say hello (and to buy some of her art)!


  1. Leah October 4, 2011

    thank you for the inspiration to do the paintings… i loved painting the white goats!
    and thank you for the wonderful comments… i’m honored to be featured in your blog.


    • Jordana October 5, 2011

      I just love how your paintings turned out. I’m beyond impressed.

  2. Lori October 7, 2011

    Wow! These are amazing!!!!!


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