Art: Saanen Goats

A little while ago, Mandy contacted me requesting permission to draw inspiration from my photo of the Saanen goats. Soon after I said yes, Mandy emailed me this photo of her amazing painting.

painting by Mandy

As you may or may not recall, I took this photo during one of my summer trips in Switzerland. I had no idea at that time how popular this photo could be (do you remember Leah‘s work?)!

Mandy’s painting is going to be part of an art exhibit to be held at the Chalet Hotel Hornberger in Saanenmöser (Gstaad area) over Christmas and New Year’s so if you’re in the area, please stop in and let me know what it’s like.

The Friday Five: Memories of Switzerland

Every fall I host a reunion with the people I worked with over various summers in Switzerland. The reunion is happening this weekend and I’m so excited to see all of my friends. In honour of the reunion, for today’s Friday Five I’m sharing some of my memories of Switzerland.

Bern, the capital, is a special place for a variety of reasons. The archways, for example, which fill the city’s historic treats are especially interesting to walk under. But Bern is not the only place you’ll find beautifully curved structures. Up on the mountain in Zermatt, there is a small church with an arched doorway. It’s such a pretty place to see.

archways, Zermatt and Bern

While eating out can be expensive in Switzerland, when you get to custom design your food (well, burgers & pizza), then it ends up being a really entertaining experience.

checklists of food (L: my burger toppings of choice, R: my friend’s pizza order – everything except capers, sardines & olives)

The trains in Switzerland run on time, they’re clean, and they get you to pretty much wherever you need to go. The system is like no other I’ve ever experienced. Tickets aren’t cheap but there are various passes available which lower the cost per trip.


I’m pretty much a city girl but I absolutely love going for hikes in the mountains in Switzerland. At the beginning of my very first summer in Switzerland I was so clueless about following paths and knowing which direction to go. There was no need for me to worry as hiking trails in the mountains are very clearly marked. As long as you know what the markers mean you should be fine.

a wanderwag (walking path) marker; hay bails

(I know – you were probably expecting me to include a photo of mountains, but for this city girl, a stack of wrapped-in-white hay bails really interests me.)

Finally, the goats! As if I haven’t spent enough time talking about goats on this blog, right? But they’re white and they’re Swiss so what’s not to love?

Saanen goats

Have any of you been to Switzerland? Care to share a memory or two?

Photos by Jordana.

Art: Red Hen Design

A couple of months ago Leah from Red Hen Design emailed me to ask me permission to use my photos of Saanen goats as inspiration for some paintings that she was going to be doing for the American Dairy Goat Association Convention. Yeah, I know! This request was a complete surprise to me but I was happy to help out Leah with her project.

So last week – Leah sent over images of her final paintings. My jaw dropped when I saw them. I’m pretty sure yours will too.

painting by Leah, original photo here

painting by Leah, original photo here

The painting of the group of goats has been printed onto stickers that will be applied to tins for the American Dairy Goat Association board members. I never could have dreamed that a photo I took – of goats no less – would provide such artistic inspiration. I’m thrilled and I hope those board members appreciate Leah’s dedication and talent.

If any of you are attending the American Dairy Goat Association Convention in Grand Rapids Michigan October 15-22, 2011, be sure to stop by Leah’s booth to say hello (and to buy some of her art)!