Marketplace: White at Muji

I could buy pretty much everything from Japanese wonder shop, Muji. The collection is organized, cohesive, and practical.



wall clock, $55.75


porcelain tray, $13.25



earphones, $19.50


plastic eraser, $1.25


hair clip, $2.95


shirt, $29.98 (on sale)


calculator, $18.95


porcelain rice bowl, $5.95


French linen scarf, $27.97 (on sale)

The first Muji in Canada is set to open this December in Toronto’s Eaton Centre.

The Friday Five: Shoehorns

Judging by the shoe cloests of the White Cabana team, you’d think having a healthy collection would be a job requirement. But no, this is not the case. I wonder if my contributors would be appreciative if they found a shoehorn in their mailboxes. It would be amusing, don’t you think? To wrap up a shoe horn and put it in the mail*?

Look at how the prices vary of these shoehorns:

shoehorn_Muji shoehorn, $5.95, Muji

Koziol pip bird shoe hornpip bird shoehorn, £9.95, Koziol

Georg Jensen_Shoehorn

Voyage shoehorn, €64, Georg Jensen

silver-shoehorn__18343_stdsterling silver shoehorn, $493, Annabel Chaffer

Elsa Peretti Padova Shoehorn_Tiffany & Co_$495Elsa Peretti Padova shoehorn, $495, Tiffany & Co.

What do you think of those last two shoehorns? Almost $500 for a shoehorn? Would you buy one?

Happy Friday everyone! Have a wonderful weekend!

*I once mailed Corie a hula hoop from Kingston, Ontario to Surfer’s Paradise, Australia. That was fun! The postie looked at me like I was crazy.