Marketplace: White at Muji

I could buy pretty much everything from Japanese wonder shop, Muji. The collection is organized, cohesive, and practical.



wall clock, $55.75


porcelain tray, $13.25



earphones, $19.50


plastic eraser, $1.25


hair clip, $2.95


shirt, $29.98 (on sale)


calculator, $18.95


porcelain rice bowl, $5.95


French linen scarf, $27.97 (on sale)

The first Muji in Canada is set to open this December in Toronto’s Eaton Centre.

Marketplace: Skoope Home Paper Goods

So, is that it? Summer is officially over now that Labor Day has come and gone? Say it ain’t so!

How’d you spend the long weekend? Do tell. I slept, cleaned, worked, hopped around the city, brunched, hammocked*, read, BBQed, socialized, and finally turned on my air conditioning (finally). I also spent¬†a decent amount of time browsing the web and Instagram. On one of my¬†Instagram¬†travels, I came across this card that made me¬†smile:


Moneyless, $4.50

Like any good blogger, I followed the link back to its owner, Skoope Home. Oh, jeez, the extended card collection has some real gems. Here are some of my favourites:


Sisterly Love, $4.50


Missed It, $4.50


I Texted You, $4.50

I love it when conversations are taken offline and put into snail mail.

* lounging in the hammock for an extended period of time

Marketplace: Olive Manna

The products in Natalie Jost’s textiles and paper goods shop, Olive Manna, are so beautifully styled and photographed. What a treat it is to visit her website.

milk glass bowls, $20

key rack, $45

cotton twine, $7

paper twine on a vintage spool, $22-$24

mini clothespins, $5 for 25

cotton drawstring bags, $1-$4

wood spool stand with twine & scissors, $24-$39

Images via Olive Manna.