Bialetti Coffee Maker

One of my most favourite kitchen objects is my Bialetti coffee maker. I actually have a few – different sizes to be used depending on how many cups of coffee I need to make. Mine are all silver but I think this white one should be my next purchase. Don’t you?

white Bialetti, $49.99, Sears

p.s. For those of you who have never tried making coffee with this little machine, it’s easy and it makes darn good espresso. You put water in the bottom compartment and espresso coffee grinds go on top of the water (in another compartment). When you put the machine on the stove, the bottom gets heated, the water boils, it mixes with the coffee, and gets filtered through the top. Voila – espresso is made in a matter of minutes!

Gift Guide: Office

Thought I’d put together a gift guide for the stylish workaholics. We – I mean they – might like to be treated to something functional and beautiful this holiday!

Billy bookcase, $277 (this combination), IKEA

Barometer work lamp, $49.99, IKEA

Dokument pencil cup, $2.49 for 2, IKEA

Staple-free stapler, $19.25, Green Home

Peep clock, $72, MoMA

2011 Animal calendar, $24.95, MoMA

Images courtesy of ÔĽŅGreen Home, IKEA bookcase IKEA pencil cups, MoMA clock, MoMA.

Gift Guide: For Kids

I’m having so much fun looking for gifts for children this year (probably because so many friends and family members have had babies in 2010). Here are some cute options for the little ones in your life.

Armstrong the Spaceman, 14 GBP, The White Company

My Little Rocking Horse, 65 GBP, The White Company

White football team, 7.95 GBP, Muji

White leather bootees, 62 Euro, Smallable

Anne-Claire petit rattle, $19, Smallable

Playsam white streamliner car, $52, Smallable

Kidsonroof rocket small house, $57, Smallable

Images via Muji (football team), Smallable, The White Company (Spaceman), The White Company (Horse).

Many thanks to Michelle for introducing me to The White Company. I need to plan a trip to London!

Inspiring Words

My days (and nights for that matter) lately have been beyond busy. Writing papers, grading papers, blogging, exercise, hosting parties, and traveling has really made for some ridiculous non-stop eventful weeks. I don’t know about you but reading beautiful words like this help me get through some tough days.


Hope these words of wisdom inspire you too.

Via Sacramento Street.

Ric-Rac Pumpkins

Still haven’t had the chance to carve out a scary Jack-o-Lantern? This pumpkin make-over might be just what you need.

Ric-rac pumpkins via Eddie Ross

Eddie Ross has a way with pumpkins, wouldn’t you say? The ric-rac pumpkin how-to can be found here.

Visit Eddie Ross for more Halloween decorating ideas. He does not disappoint.

Happy Halloween!

Image courtesy of Eddie Ross.

Shoe Storage

My shoes are taking over my life.

Right now I’ve got a lot of them in hanging shoe racks and the rest of them in labelled boxes piled high in my closet (all arranged by colour of course). This system is working out okay but I am quickly running out of space. What is your shoe storage system? Fill us in! (And please don’t tell me to stop buying shoes!)

Skubb shoe box, $14.99 for 4, IKEA

Image courtesy of IKEA.

Blog Love: Jojo's Room

I don’t just love Jojo’s Room because of its name. There are so many beautiful images on this blog dedicated to children – it’s sure to inspire! Don’t forget about the little people – they deserve beautiful and engaging spaces too!

Bright whites for a child's room

Photo courtesy of Jojo’s Room. Thanks to Table Tonic for sharing this great blog find!

Mugs that tell you what to do

Just do it. Create Philosophy mug, $12 at Paper Source

With these mugs to tell you what to do, you can just sit down and follow instructions.

Is your mug is your manager/inspiration?

Keep Calm and Carry On mug, $10.95 at Paper Source

Grow a 'stache for Movember! $12.95 at Paper Source

Taste Life Philosophy mug, $12 at Paper Source

Images courtesy of Paper Source.

Temp Art

For those who always wanted something a little different: cloud raining dandelion puffs temporary tattoo, $12

It’s the year 2010 and perhaps there’s never been a more liberated era than ours today. So much so that the temporary body art decals we are featuring in this post seem almost yesteryear.

In a Lady Gaga world, is there really anything risqué, rebellious, or even sexy about a tattoo? And how about a temporary one?

Do tattoos still have the power to provoke? Or are tattoos a private joy for the bearer?

To help with these questions, we’ve featured the best temporary body art decals from UK provider Inkwear. What’s your take on tatts?

Inkwear temporary tattoo sets are unique and fun- with zero commitment.

Celebrity tattoo collection.

Images courtesy of Inkwear.

The Friday Five: Bookshelves

My life is surrounded by books Рlots and lots of books Рat home, at work, in the car, in my purse. My current bookshelves are overflowing and piles of books are gathering on the floor here and there around my apartment. Oh, how I dream of shelves like these to house my growing collection of books.

via Desire to Inspire

via Remodelista

Julie Bowen via La Dolce Vita

via Desire to Inspire

via Freshome


Images courtesy of Desire to Inspire, Desire to Inspire, Freshome, La Dolce Vita, Remodelista.

Blissliving's Decorative Pillows

Blissliving‘s collection of throw pillows are pretty and are made of luxurious fabrics. The pillow designs¬†are everything from fancy to minimilist.¬†They come in almost every colour of the rainbow but most of my favourites are in shades of white.

The Jenna Pillow, $75

Sasha, $65

Anis, $39 on sale

Venice, $75

Evelyn, $69 on sale


Photos courtesy of Blissliving.