Travel: Kobe Kitano Japan

Ever since my visit to Langdon Hall, I’ve been hooked on the Relais & Chateaux website. Relais & Chateaux hotels are the finest from around the world; they have some of the best restaurants, incredible service, and extremely well-appointed rooms.

One gorgeous Relais & Chateaux hotels is the Kobe Kitano Hotel in Japan. Stunning!  4-0024-0034-0044-005I’m adding it to my “must see in Japan” list. I’m also going to buy a lottery ticket.

Design: The Claska Hotel in Japan

If I do make it to Japan like I have been planning to, I would definitely like to check out the Claska hotel. It looks ridiculously clean and calm. The 21 rooms are designed in 5 styles: modern, tatami, contemporary, DIY, and weekly residence.

The Modern:

japanese_room503_slide1-thumb-1260x840-453japanese_room503_slide2-thumb-1260x840-454-1The Tatami:

tatami_room605_slide1-thumb-1260x840-457 tatami_room605_slide2-thumb-1260x840-458The Contemporary:

contemporary_room704_slide2-thumb-1260x840-462 contemporary_room704_slide1-thumb-1260x840-461The DIY:contemporary_room701_slide1-thumb-1260x840-493 contemporary_room701_slide2-thumb-1260x840-494The Weekly Residence:

weekly_room602_slide1-thumb-1260x840-501Images via Claska.