Blog Linkup: Preparing for the Future

May’s linkup is focused on the future. Meg and Victoria from The B Bar have posed the following two questions:



These are tough questions to answer, let me tell you! Stop for a moment and think about them. What are you doing now to prepare for your future (career, life, business, etc.)? Is it an easy answer? And the second question? Not that easy, right? Take a moment before or after reading my comments to answer these questions for yourself. You may decide to write them down so that your plans (current and future) are more visible to you and others.

Here’s what I’ve been thinking about.


Career & Education: In terms of my career, well, I only began it two years ago! While many of my friends have been in their careers for over a decade, I’m just getting started in mine. Sort of. I’ve treated my graduate student life as my work life, so I just like to think that I’ve just followed a less traditional career path for the last decade. I wouldn’t have it any other way. Completing my PhD two years ago was definitely one of my greatest achievements!

Since I’m a professional student, I began yet another degree this past September. I’m now nearing the end of my first year of an MBA program. Business is completely new to me, but my coursework is moving along relatively well. My days and nights are full, and my brain is getting quite the work out, let me tell you! Learning about the business world from my professors and classmates has been interesting. I am definitely motivated to build my skill set and apply what I’m learning to my daily life (both work and blog lives).


Money & Savings: I have a decent sized list of things that I would like to do/buy/accomplish in the next year, and I have tried to estimate how much each project/event/item/trip might cost, so that I can plan accordingly. I have really tried to prioritize my wish list items, but it’s so easy to get distracted! I’ve always loved to travel, and there are so many places that I’d like to visit in the next few years. Japan, for example, is definitely calling my name, and I’d really love to get over there sometime in 2016!

AREAWARE_PigBank_HARPW_white_silo_web_largeHarry Allen for Areaware Piggy Bank

Blog: After 5 years of White Cabana, I am still really loving my blogger life. I like to write,  share, meet new people, and talk about design. This blog lets me to all of these things. I also like autonomy and to be the boss – I have both of these things right here. I maintain a relatively unstructured approach to blogging because so much of the rest of my life is uber-organized. That said, I take my blogging life seriously, and I am proud of the connections that I have made with brands and bloggers. I have steadily built my portfolio of collaborative projects, and I hope this work continues. I think critically about what I post and for what purpose. It has been fascinating to see how the blogosphere has evolved, and I am grateful to have learned so much along the way (all of this advice didn’t exist when I started).

050214_arbrom1via Elisabeth Heier


Health: Living a healthy lifestyle is one of my never-fully-achieved goals. There’s always room for improvement, but its place on the priority list changes depending on the year, month, day. 🙂 In an ideal world, I’d resist chocolate cake and I’d exercise every day. For now, I’m happy to reduce my consumption of sweets (they’re so hard to resist!) and up my walking game. I’d like to get back to running (I have run a few half-marathons, believe it or not!), even really short runs, in the next few months. Let’s see what I can do!

Nike-running-shoesNike running shoes

Beauty: Just about every beauty magazine and book has stressed the importance of taking care of your skin. I’ve never been into make-up, so it’s only recently that I’ve given my skincare routine a revamp. I’ve stuck to my routine (using the Simple skincare line) for a few years now, and (I think) my skin is happier. I think I now need to work on wearing a daily SPF/facial moisturizer now that the sun actually stays out all day long (even though I know the sun’s ray penetrate in the winter months too).

010-master-bath-makeup-vanity-700x873via Sketch 42

Money & Savings: I’m going to keep saving! Of course!

df9c6b3eb3a27c2e1ecfa99f6fdb1b14via Sebastien Errazuriz

Blog: I’m looking at another blog redesign. Mostly, I’d like to increase the responsiveness of my blog on various tech gadgets and adjust the format a bit. I have ideas, but I need a bit of time to carry out my plan. If you’re a blogger, you might enjoy Victoria’s take on the future of blogging.

Sugar-Papervia Sugar Paper

So, there you have it – a bit of a mix of what I’m doing now and what I’d like to start doing in order to plan for my future.

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Happy reading!

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Thanks to Meg & Victoria for organizing another thoughtful linkup this month.


  1. White Oak Creative May 20, 2015

    I really appreciate how you thought big picture about these questions, especially with regards to your career. I wish I could be a professional student – love the idea of it!

    • Jordana May 23, 2015

      You CAN be a professional student! Just keep taking classes…any classes will do!

  2. Lauren May 20, 2015

    Love this all encompassing post! I’m looking at a blog redesign too! I’ll have to add that to my list.

    • Jordana May 23, 2015

      The list is never-ending, isn’t it? But designing is creative and fun, so it’s something that I’m looking forward to getting done this spring/summer. Good luck with your plans, too, Lauren!

  3. Alyssa J Freitas May 20, 2015

    I believe we all struggle with living a healthy lifestyle, but walking more can be such a help! I like to talk a walk after dinner with friends as many evenings as I can

    Alyssa J Freitas

    • Jordana May 23, 2015

      I think the exercise + social time is a really good idea. I have some neighbours who like the walk ‘n talk, so I think I’ll join them this spring/summer.

  4. Rox-Anne May 20, 2015

    Very big questions indeed! They are the questions floating through my mind all the time and I feel like things would become more clear if I just write them out, but something always seems to get in the way (worried its my way of stalling myself lol). I’m really enjoying these blog link ups, what a fun idea!

    • Jordana May 23, 2015

      Super huge questions, Rox-Anne! It definitely had me thinking. And I’m still thinking about what goals might be most appropriate at the moment…and what would bring me happiness! You should take part in the next linkup. Meg & Victoria are so well-organized, and I have enjoyed the questions so far.

  5. Rachel May 20, 2015

    It sounds like you are on the right track! Having goals that are probably not fully achievable, like the most amount of savings or being perfectly healthy are great because there is always work to do or more that can be done and can keep us from getting bored or complacent. I love the goals you’ve set!

    • Jordana May 23, 2015

      Thanks for the encouragement, Rachel. It’s nice to have some cheerleaders out there!

  6. Yes, this was a hard post for me to write, too – I’m not much of a planner and to think so far out into the future wasn’t easy. You’re right, take care of your skin now, you won’t regret it – you’ll be the 50-something with the least amount of wrinkles and the fresh glow.

    • Jordana May 23, 2015

      Fresh glow – how exactly do people get the fresh glow? I actually just one a fancy Clarisonic, so I’m hoping that’ll help my skin to glow. We shall see…

  7. Alexandra Puffer May 21, 2015

    Health is on my to-do list too – should be easier now that spring has sprung!

    Warm Regards,

    • Jordana May 23, 2015

      It’s hard year-round for me. I do like to walk and ride my bike though. Exercise that doesn’t feel like exercise is my cup of tea. What have you got on the horizon, Alexandra?

  8. Jess Zimlich May 21, 2015

    Yes to more travel! We’re budgeting for some pick ticket items right now and it helps so much to plan and know that even though we can’t spend that money now, we will be rewarded down the line 🙂

    • Jordana May 23, 2015

      Yes! I’d very happily spend more money on travel than on other luxuries…eating out, lattes, fancy shampoo…it’s hard, but doable!

  9. Carly May 21, 2015

    I love that you approached the future from some many different points of view. It’s easy to consider it mostly work/financial related -but there are a lof of other factors to consider. Beauty is very important! I wish I would have used more sunscreen when I was a teenager.

    • Jordana May 23, 2015

      Sunscreen is just so annoying to apply! I have been wearing my Panama hat regularly, which I think helps to protect my face, but I am definitely interested in improving my skincare routine. Any tips?


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