Hotel to Home: Aman Tokyo, Japan

I would like to go to Japan. It has been on my mind for a couple of years now, and I had it on my to do list last year, but then I had the chance to go to Italy, and I could not pass up on that opportunity.

But this year, Japan is back on my mind. Don’t be surprised if you see Japanese hotels pop up on my hotel to home series. Today, I’m sharing a peek into the Aman Tokyo.


Aman Tokyo


bed, bed linens, throw blanket, rug, table lamp, console table, vase, art






Design: The Claska Hotel in Japan

If I do make it to Japan like I have been planning to, I would definitely like to check out the Claska hotel. It looks ridiculously clean and calm. The 21 rooms are designed in 5 styles: modern, tatami, contemporary, DIY, and weekly residence.

The Modern:

japanese_room503_slide1-thumb-1260x840-453japanese_room503_slide2-thumb-1260x840-454-1The Tatami:

tatami_room605_slide1-thumb-1260x840-457 tatami_room605_slide2-thumb-1260x840-458The Contemporary:

contemporary_room704_slide2-thumb-1260x840-462 contemporary_room704_slide1-thumb-1260x840-461The DIY:contemporary_room701_slide1-thumb-1260x840-493 contemporary_room701_slide2-thumb-1260x840-494The Weekly Residence:

weekly_room602_slide1-thumb-1260x840-501Images via Claska.