Laundry Beauty

Although many people may not enjoy the routine of laundry, I don’t particularly mind it. Having said that, I would definitely be open to setting up one¬†beautifully clean and organized space like this one.

Lovely Laundry

Dare I say, chores can be fun?

Right now my laundry facilities are in a closet so this set-up would really spoil me.

 Photo courtesy of Remodelista.

Colourful Career

Okay – I’m not really a quiz person but this one¬†got me hooked.¬†

1. Choose your favourite colour.

2. Choose your least favourite colour.

3. Choose your favourite colours in order.

4. Voilà: Your career path is chosen for you!

My results: organizer + researcher. It’s so spot on, it’s freaky!

Have fun and please feel free to share your results!