Colourful Career

Okay – I’m not really a quiz person but this one got me hooked. 

1. Choose your favourite colour.

2. Choose your least favourite colour.

3. Choose your favourite colours in order.

4. Voilà: Your career path is chosen for you!

My results: organizer + researcher. It’s so spot on, it’s freaky!

Have fun and please feel free to share your results!


  1. shannon March 3, 2010

    I was also organizer + researcher. go team!

    • Jordana March 3, 2010

      It’s a good combo!

  2. Johanne March 3, 2010

    I’m a persuader, with a minor in organizer. I hope that that doesn’t mean that I’m pushy.



  3. Boba March 5, 2010

    Another organizer + researcher. I think we o+r types just gravitate to each other!

    • Jordana March 6, 2010

      Well we know that there’s at least one other option (persuader) with this quiz. Does this mean that the world is made up of only 3 kinds of people?

  4. M-Diddy March 6, 2010

    Two new ones: Creator + Social Manager. No organizer here!

    • Jordana March 6, 2010

      Oh good – the world isn’t just made up of organizers and researchers!


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