Shoe Storage

My shoes are taking over my life.

Right now I’ve got a lot of them in hanging shoe racks and the rest of them in labelled boxes piled high in my closet (all arranged by colour of course). This system is working out okay but I am quickly running out of space. What is your shoe storage system? Fill us in! (And please don’t tell me to stop buying shoes!)

Skubb shoe box, $14.99 for 4, IKEA

Image courtesy of IKEA.


  1. shannon September 23, 2010

    I have never seen this Skubb shoe box at IKEA; unfortunately, I would need way more than 1 pack. I am also looking for shoe storage solutions. I just purchased an under-the-bed shoe organizer for my summer footwear – too bad it didn’t fit under my bed.

    • Jordana September 23, 2010

      Hmm…I’ve never looked into under-the-bed storage. It’s unfortunate that yours doesn’t fit! Good idea, though, thanks!
      I guess Ikea, Rubbermaid or similar companies make them, right?

      Here’s another option for displaying all of our pretty shoes…


  2. Johanne September 30, 2010

    I did buy the Ikea under-the-bed storage solution and I love it (mine fits under the bed just fine and rolls out easily). Turns out it’s always filled to the brim with stuff so there’s no room in there for shoes.

    I tend to keep my shoes in their boxes so that they don’t get tangled, dusty, etc. and I always like opening up the box when I decide which ones I’ll wear. Of course I know them all by box. The boxes are beginning to pile up a rather high area in my closet- I wish I had the shoe closet from Carrie’s amazing Sex and the City movie set. Sigh.

    • Jordana September 30, 2010

      Good to know about the under-the-bed storage. I think I would forget about them if they were out of sight. My shoe boxes are labelled at least but the ones on the highest shelf are hard to reach and I’m getting annoyed. Sigh.


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