Please Take Note

Shopping Lists. Grocery Lists. To Do Lists. Book Lists. Life is just one big bunch of lists, isn’t it? Now you can write those lists in style with Muro‘s notepaper roll holder.

Muro notepaper roll holder, $31.59, Digs

Photo courtesy of Digs.


  1. shannon March 11, 2010

    I think I need to have this; it’s genius!

    • Jordana March 11, 2010

      I know – cute and functional!

  2. Johanne March 12, 2010

    Love it & want it. I typically just write on other various papers but this makes so much sense. I could have one in the office, in the kitchen, …

    • Jordana March 12, 2010

      And…if people owe you money, you can just “print” off a receipt. 🙂


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