The Friday Five: Pens

This week’s Friday Five is all about one of the most useful writing instruments. During this time of iphones, blackberries, gps, twitter¬†and email, some tend to push the good ol’ pen to the sidelines.¬†Nothing beats a good pen when you have to write down a¬†phone number, an address or a note to a friend. Today I feature some striking white pens that look equally good in your pocket, purse, and most importantly, in your hand!

Leman Blanc, Caran D'Ache

White Desk Pen, $19.95, Paper-Source

Premium Rollerball Pen, AUD$19.95, Kikki K

Uniball Broad Pen, AUD$5.95, Kikki-K

Uniball Gel Pen, $3.25, Paper-Source


Photos courtesy of Caran d’Ache, Kikki-K, Paper-Source.


  1. Erica Cook March 19, 2010

    love paper source… will be ordering that pen. Thanks! It will be a perfect addition to my office! Happy Weekend Lovely! xo

    • Jordana March 20, 2010

      I know – I’ll be so happy if Paper-Source makes its way to Canada! They do ship internationally as far as I can tell so at least we’ve got that!


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