Blog Love: Jojo's Room

I don’t just love Jojo’s Room because of its name. There are so many beautiful images on this blog dedicated to children – it’s sure to inspire! Don’t forget about the little people – they deserve beautiful and engaging spaces too!

Bright whites for a child's room

Photo courtesy of Jojo’s Room. Thanks to Table Tonic for sharing this great blog find!


  1. Bekah Mae September 3, 2010

    Oh man! I have always struggled with the all-white option for babies. It looks so freaking amazing, but I wonder how many housekeepers it takes to keep that place looking so “effortlessly chic.”

    • Jordana September 3, 2010

      Thanks for your comment Bekah.
      I absolutely adore the look – but I don’t have children so I can’t speak from experience about the cleaning part of the look. Perhaps parents could just teach their children to clean up after themselves? Easier said than done, right?


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