A Bunk Bed to Foster a Child's Imagination

A sweet children’s room with a built-in adventure play area. Love it!

Children's room: A new look for bunk beds

This pretty white children’s room is in a Swiss mountain chalet in the famous village of Gstaad, where I have been lucky enough to spend the last two months.¬† My time here has ended (leaving¬†on a plane today actually)¬†and I will soon be back to blogging from Canada. Sigh.

Photo courtesy of Anzeiger von Saanen.


  1. […] I have come across all have an element of fantasy and fairy tale. Last month I posted about this castle bunk-bed and today I bring you Petit Tresor’s carriage crib. With a price tag of $15 000 perhaps it is […]

  2. Brett Holt February 18, 2011

    Geez Honey…I don’t understand why kids won’t sleep? Oh wait, it’s because they now sleep on a freakin’ jungle gym and all they want to do is play.

    • Jordana February 18, 2011

      Hmmm…maybe the novelty will wear off after a while…and the kids really will sleep. Or else, maybe the adventure bed will wear them out?

  3. loliepop girl January 27, 2013

    hmm…. you wonder why we sleep in during day and play at night its because we are nocturnal


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