Bialetti Coffee Maker

One of my most favourite kitchen objects is my Bialetti coffee maker. I actually have a few – different sizes to be used depending on how many cups of coffee I need to make. Mine are all silver but I think this white one should be my next purchase. Don’t you?

white Bialetti, $49.99, Sears

p.s. For those of you who have never tried making coffee with this little machine, it’s easy and it makes darn good espresso. You put water in the bottom compartment and espresso coffee grinds go on top of the water (in another compartment). When you put the machine on the stove, the bottom gets heated, the water boils, it mixes with the coffee, and gets filtered through the top. Voila – espresso is made in a matter of minutes!


  1. Silvia Del Rosso March 8, 2011

    Bialetti coffee makers make an excellent espresso! I will look for a white coffee maker the next time am shopping!

    Enjoy your expresso con gusto!

    • Jordana March 8, 2011

      I haven’t seen a white one in any of the stores around me. But I would love for you to keep an eye out for me! I’d love to know where you spot a white one!


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