The Friday Five: Making Coffee

What type of coffee do you drink? Are you more into the pour over than the drip? How does espresso fit into your life?

img12oglass French press, $49.99

img78oHario V60 pour over coffee maker, $49.99

img39oSowden softbrew coffee maker, $59.99

img8oNespresso VertuoLine, $199.95

img32oWilfa Precision coffee maker, $329.99

Hope you enjoy a great weekend brew!

The Friday Five: Coffee Pots

I have been drinking more coffee than usual over the last few weeks. I go through phases of preferred coffee types. I normally rotate between CafĂ© du Monde drip coffee, espresso, and lattĂ©s. While I love French pressed coffee too, I don’t have a French press so I never make it. My local cafĂ© has pour over coffee which is kind of – sort of – like French press. I love the taste of pretty much every kind of coffee (and I’ve written about my interest in coffee here).


Toddy Cold Brew Coffee System


Chemix Coffee Maker


Black & Decker Coffee Maker


Cuisinart Compact Single Serve Coffee Maker


Bosch Tassimo

What about you? What’s you coffee of choice? Do you frequent the cafĂ©s or do you prefer your own make-at-home coffee?


White Out

White Cabana readers continue to see white in all sorts of spaces and places. Here’s 2013’s first installment of the White Out series.

flowers at the Colorectal Cancer Association of Canada gala, November 2012, photo by Daniela D.

interior office space at the London Goodwill Industries, photo by Cindy M.

Jean Paul Gourdon ceramic veggies in Paris, photos by CC

espresso break, photo by Alessandro V.

Many thanks to today’s contributors for sharing your photos of white goodness.

If you would like to see your photo on the blog, please send your submission to me at whitecabana [at] gmail [dot] com.

Bialetti Coffee Maker

One of my most favourite kitchen objects is my Bialetti coffee maker. I actually have a few – different sizes to be used depending on how many cups of coffee I need to make. Mine are all silver but I think this white one should be my next purchase. Don’t you?

white Bialetti, $49.99, Sears

p.s. For those of you who have never tried making coffee with this little machine, it’s easy and it makes darn good espresso. You put water in the bottom compartment and espresso coffee grinds go on top of the water (in another compartment). When you put the machine on the stove, the bottom gets heated, the water boils, it mixes with the coffee, and gets filtered through the top. Voila – espresso is made in a matter of minutes!