The Friday Five: Coffee

Ahh…coffee. I love the smell, the taste and the look. I love the feeling of drinking a coffee at my local café. I love meeting a friend and catching up on gossip at a new café or sitting alone on a patio with a cup in hand and watching the world go by.

I’m a fan of any kind of coffee…my choice usually depends on the time of day, the occasion and the café. I like a latte or cappuccino in the morning or as a mid-morning break. I enjoy a nice espresso after a good meal or as an afternoon pick-me-up.

And yes – sometimes the coffee I drink is so special, it deserves a photo! I’m happy to welcome you to today’s caffeine-filled Friday Five!

1. I was in Ascoli with my aunt, uncle and father. We stopped in at Caffe Meletti before hitting the farmer’s market. The Barista wrote me a special message in my little espresso. Sweet, right?

An espresso in Ascoli, Italy

2. I was in Gstaad with my good friend Shannon. Going to Early Beck easily became an afternoon routine for us. We shared many laughs and gossiped for hours.

A cappuccino & croissant in Gstaad, Switzerland

3. On one of my trips to Paris, I stopped in at a restaurant near the Palais Royale to write postcards and get re-energized!

An espresso and tarte in Paris, France

4. I’ll never forget the morning adventure my good friend Boba and I had in Montreal. It was pouring rain outside but we were determined to have breakfast at La Croissanterie Figaro, which came highly recommended by a friend. Even though we were exhausted after a busy work week in Montreal, we stuck it out and we were rewarded with a beautiful breakfast and a couple of delicious cappuccinos.

A cappuccino with a mountain of foam in Montreal, Quebec

5. I was on a 5-day vacation with Shannon (yes, the same friend) in Budapest and we stopped in for a coffee and strudel at the First Studel House of Pest. Our food and drinks were delish!

Latte at the First Strudel House of Pest, Budapest

How about you? What are your coffee drinking routines or memories?

Photos by Jordana.


  1. Eunice November 12, 2010

    Montreal… Best city in the world! 😀

    • Jordana November 12, 2010

      Hi Eunice,
      Montreal is a fantastic city. I try to avoid it in the winter but absolutely love being there in the spring & summer. There are so many gorgeous parts to discover. Do you have any favourite restaurant recommendations?

  2. shannon November 12, 2010

    GREAT post for the Friday Five! Those pictures bring back such fantastic memories. I could go for some delicious coffee and pastries right about now.

    • Jordana November 12, 2010

      Lots of good times shared over coffee. I’m glad to capture these moments on camera too!

  3. vanessa November 13, 2010

    mmm I’m going to go make one right now!! Great post.

    • Jordana November 13, 2010

      Glad you like it! I’ve got my morning latte in hand now!
      p.s Do you use your espresso machine? I’m still using my trusty stove-top Bialetti.

  4. Antonia November 13, 2010

    Wonderful post! I love how you associate each cup to a certain place and person. Coffee is not just coffee, it’s the atmosphere it creates, the company and the memories.
    I’m a big fan of coffee too, I mostly drink black americano. I’d really go for a cup of coffee and a strudel right now=)

    • Jordana November 14, 2010

      Thanks Antonia! I love hearing about other people’s stories too. Lots of memories are made over cups of coffee, that’s forsure! I completely agree with you – coffee is not just coffee. Well said.

      • Antonia November 14, 2010

        Yeah, and many secrets are revealed over a cup of coffee=)
        Also, a friend of mine passed me the Versatile Blogger Award and I wanted to give it to you because I am such a fan of your blog. If you like to accept it, hop on over to my blog to read more details!

        Here’re the RULES:

        1. Thank and link back to who gave you the award.
        2. Share 7 things about yourself.
        3. Pass it along to 7 blogs you’ve recently discovered and enjoy
        4. Leave your recipients a note, telling them about the award.

  5. Johanne November 14, 2010

    I love coffee and I adore this blog post! I love to travel via White Cabana and a coffee tour of the world is hardly a stretch for us caffenites- we’re right here with you!

    If I’m at a cafe, I usually order a cappuccino since it’s not an overly large volume and I still get to enjoy all the lovely creamy foam.

    Last night I fired up my espresso maker and made a couple of espressos to down just before heading out for the evening- keeps me going if I’m feeling a little low on energy pre-soiree.

    And wouldn’t you know it- this morning I ran out of drip coffee filters so I fired up the espresso maker again and enjoyed a lovely cappuccino at home with my newspaper. Ah, bellissima!

  6. christine {bijouandboheme} November 15, 2010

    Such a great coffee trip- jealous of your travels! I am on of those weirdos who actually likes instant coffee- I know….love a cappucino or latte as well but yes, I start everyday with some Nescafe:)

    • Jordana November 15, 2010

      A Nescafe…oh dear! I’ve never gone the instant coffee route. I guess I shouldn’t knock it before I try it. But it just seems like it would be too watery for my taste.


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