White Out

White Cabana readers continue to see white in all sorts of spaces and places. Here’s 2013’s first installment of the White Out series.

flowers at the Colorectal Cancer Association of Canada gala, November 2012, photo by Daniela D.

interior office space at the London Goodwill Industries, photo by Cindy M.

Jean Paul Gourdon ceramic veggies in Paris, photos by CC

espresso break, photo by Alessandro V.

Many thanks to today’s contributors for sharing your photos of white goodness.

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White Out: In Readers' Closets

Welcome to the second installment of the new series, White Out. This series gives readers the opportunity to showcase their white loves. This month I received a few photos of white clothing from our readers (okay, okay, they’re also my friends). While some shy away from wearing white because they fear accidental spills and such, I embrace wearing white (you’ll often see me in a white shirt) and it seems our readers do too.

beloved white Vans; photo by sneaker enthusiast Emily McMenemy

perfectly pressed white shirt; photo by Sarah M.

(I love that it’s also on a white hanger and on a white door!)

Vanessa sent me this photo as a sort of thank you card. It made me laugh out loud. I wonder – what exactly would you pair these socks with? I can’t say that I’m actually going to run out and buy a pair.


Thanks to Emily, Sarah and Vanessa for sending in these photos!

Note: If you would like to take part in the White Out series here on the blog then please submit your photos of design in white to me at whitecabana [at] gmail [dot] com. Thanks! -Jordana