Truth Talk

Truth Talk: A Weekend of Work

I have quite a bit on the go at the moment, which means that books are piled, pillows are not fluffed, and the coffee table could benefit from some Windex. That said, the sun shone all weekend long, and I loved working away in my very bright home.

Truth Talk: Heart Health

What do you do to keep your heart healthy? Do you exercise? Eat healthy? Spend time with family and friends? Share laughs with others?

In addition to all of the above, to keep my heart healthy – and to keep my blood pressure low – I drink at least one cup of hibiscus tea every single day.

My doctor recommended that I incorporate hibiscus tea into my diet. Read about the benefits of hibiscus tea here, here, here, and here (and many other places online!).

For the most part, I buy my loose leaf pure hibiscus tea from Distinctly Tea in Waterloo. I have also bought tea bags whenever I have found them in stores.

Truth Talk: An Obvious Choice

What do you think of my new mug?

I think it’s awesome! Some of my coworkers think it’s awesome, too. Others think I’m just being obnoxious.

I get called “Miss” a lot (from students, mostly), and it drives me crazy. Now instead of correcting them, I can just show them my mug. Subtle, right?

Truth Talk: The Ricola Candy Jar

I have been doing what I can do avoid getting sick. I’ve upped my intake of tea and vitamin C, and I’ve been getting more sleep than usual. I’ve also bought a Costco-sized package of Ricola. I’m keeping them in a “candy jar” on my counter, so I’m easily reminded to take one to help my throat.

On another point, I took out these watercolour paints over Christmas, but I have yet to actually paint. Sometime soon, right?

Truth Talk: Lazy Winter Days

The rainy weather this past weekend put a wrinkle in my super fun plans. Flooded roads from the heavy rainfall meant that it was safer for everyone to stay put than make their way to Waterloo for a night on the town. Such is winter life, I guess!

Instead of hanging out with friends, I continued on with my weekly chores, then curled up by the fire for many hours in the afternoon.

I watched The Kindness Diaries and sipped on tea for hours. Could I have done work instead? Of course! But I wasn’t motivated to do so!

I’m so grateful for this cozy space in my home. It is the perfect place to relax on the laziest of days.

Truth Talk: An Introduction

Normally on Tuesdays, I run the Two for Tuesday series, but I’m going to put that series on pause for a moment while I try out another one for size.

In Truth Talk, I will be sharing an image or words about what real life looks like each week. Forget the magazine-worthy photos or the my-life-is-perfect images we often see on social media. In this series, I’m keeping things real.

January 5th, 2020, 3:54pm

Piles of books, a game, a DVD, and an empty snack plate make up the coffee table scene at my house this weekend. None of these items actually belong here, but they’ve been here for a while. What was that about Marie Kondo’s the magic of tidying up? Yeah, sometimes I just don’t feel like it.