Blissliving's Decorative Pillows

Blissliving‘s collection of throw pillows are pretty and are made of luxurious fabrics. The pillow designs are everything from fancy to minimilist. They come in almost every colour of the rainbow but most of my favourites are in shades of white.

The Jenna Pillow, $75

Sasha, $65

Anis, $39 on sale

Venice, $75

Evelyn, $69 on sale


Photos courtesy of Blissliving.


  1. Raina March 31, 2010

    Hi Jordana,

    Thanks so much for visiting La Lamp Shade today! If you want to know more about Denver before your trip, feel free to shoot me a PM (my email is on my profile page).


    • Jordana March 31, 2010

      Fabulous! Will do! Thanks Raina.

  2. Kristin April 1, 2010

    I am so enamored with that first pillow. Lovely!

    • Jordana April 1, 2010

      It’s pretty for your bed or a side chair, don’t you think? Adds a touch of girly glamour!


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