Hotel to Home: Ritz Carlton, Riyadh

It’s been another hectic week on my end, so I’m a couple of blog posts behind. Since it’s a rainy day, I thought I would take this opportunity to catch up and put on the final touches of some of my draft posts.

I’m taking us all to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia today to experience opulence. The Ritz Carlton, Riyadh is full of jaw-dropping design. White and gold combined with sculptures, grand staircases, and beautiful tile work in the spa make this hotel one to remember.


Here’s my creation inspired by the Ritz Carlton Riyadh (warning: most of the items I’ve included do not come cheap!):


life size cast bronze horse’s head, Oushak rug, brass and Murano glass floor lamp, meta pedestal, pearl marble dining table, Murano chandelier, Schumacher Nasrid Palace wallpaper, plant




Uptown: The Tronchi Lighting

When I bought my house I thought one of the first things to go would be the hall light fixtures. They looked, to me at least, to be too flashy and I couldn’t really imagine how they would match my furniture. The dark burgundy walls didn’t help their case.


before: the foyer with dark walls and a fancy chandelier

Once I painted the place white, the chandeliers seemed to (almost) disappear. They looked less gawdy than before and they actually began to grow on me. In fact, I’ve become such a fan of them over the last few months that I have now decided to keep them.

And I don’t seem to be alone in my interest in this style of chandelier.


From the Right Bank


47 Park Avenue


via Ebay

The chandeliers in the above photos are the tronchi style. They’re made of crystal and each piece is in the shape of a tube or trunk (hence the Italian translation of the name). These handmade Murano glass Venini chandeliers can also be made up of prism crystals and balls like the gorgeous fixture from 1st Dibs below.



via 1st Dibs

A couple of weeks ago, I found a few similar chandeliers and decided to scoop them up for other places around the house. I’m completely hooked on these now and I have completely embraced their fascinating style! I should say, though, that my collection of lighting fixtures is made up of the budget/imitation version of the Venini glass chandeliers but they still reflect the light beautifully and are interesting to look at (not to mention great conversation pieces). The lucite prisms in my chandelier collection are proving that they work perfectly with my decor. I’ve dropped a few of the prisms as I cleaned them so I’m pretty thankful that the pieces are durable. They’re fairly lightweight too which has made installation smooth. Be on the lookout, people. I have no doubt that we’ll be seeing more of these Venini chandeliers (or the lucite versions) all over the design blogs and magazines soon enough.

Check back soon for a full lighting reveal!