Design: Bed Headboards

I’m going to need a new headboard, eventually. I am completely fine with the one that I currently have, but getting a new one has crossed my mind. But then again, what hasn’t crossed my mind in terms of home decor?!

The headboard below is actually a pegboard. A super easy DIY that makes for a really modern and interesting backdrop.


pegboard DIY headboard

This next bed is sans headboard and it still looks like a completely finished bed. The paintings over the bed add interest and focus to the space. While I love the crispness of this space, I much prefer a bed with a real headboard.


South Kensington home, London, UK

The headboard below has such a low profile. You can barely see it, but it’s definitely there. The gallery wall above the bed is so interesting and colourful. I love it. I probably wouldn’t put a full gallery wall over my bed though, because I’d be too scared that something would fall on top of me.


Manhattan apartment, Flatiron District

I love the detail of the headboard below. It’s like a piece of art and serves as a nice focal point in this minimalist space.


apartment in Tribeca, Manhattan

I can’t quite tell if the headboard in the room below is made out of wood or metal, but I like it. It’s a classic.



Ah – simple, simple, simple. An upholstered bed frame is so comfortable to lean against. Love it.


upholstered headboard, Greece home

Reading in bed would be so easy with the headboard below. This DIY appears to be an easy and inexpensive one.


DIY headboard of books, Design Every Day

The final headboard is classic carved wood. There are a lot of these – in wood – on places like Kijiji and Craigslist, but they’d be easy enough to paint. All of my bedroom furniture is painted wood so something like this would completely fit in.


Simply White Style

Do any of these headboards stand out to you? What’s calling your name?

Event: Octaspring Bedroom Pinterest Contest

Who doesn’t love to get a good sleep? It’s unlikely that anyone would choose to have an evening of tossing and turning over a calm sleep when you wake up feeling really well-rested. But did you know that, according to Statistics Canada, an estimated 3.3 million Canadians – or 1 in 7 people across the country – have expressed difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep.

I love to sleep – especially on the weekend when I don’t set my alarm clock. When I’m at a great hotel, I love to get cozy under the covers and test out every pillow.

Which brings me to the focus of today’s post – pillows. The Octaspring pillow collection, to be precise.

These aren’t just any pillows, people.


Okay, from the above photo, the Octaspring pillows may not look that¬†much different from the pillows you currently have on your bed. But look how they’re made…


Those are memory foam Octapillow springs which are designed to “cradle the head in blissful comfort” in a cool and airy fashion. This pillow looks like it was designed to set you up for some great dreaming.

So how did this pillow come to be? Let me share some info about its history. Octaspring comes from Dormeo, a Belgium bedding brand created by Willy Poppe. Dormeo – what a great name, right? Dormeo is the Latin word for sleep.¬†It is very similar to dormir (French), dormire (Italian), and¬†dormir (Spanish), which are all infinitive verbs meaning¬†to sleep. Okay, getting back to the point here…


Dormeo, available in more than 30 countries around the world, introduced Octaspring in Europe just a few years ago and is now coming to Canada through an exclusive partnership with Sleep Country Canada (insert catchy jingle – you’re singing it in your head right along with me, right?) (Dormez-Vous in Quebec). The Octaspring will be making its appearance in more than 150 Sleep Country stores across Canada. You can read more about Octaspring’s history here.


Octaspring Contest:

To celebrate the introduction of Octaspring in the Canadian marketplace, Octaspring is currently running a great contest which includes me (and some other bloggers) as guest judges! Hooray!

Here are the details…

You’ll have until Monday November 18th¬†Friday¬†December 13th¬†to create a Pinterest board focused on your ideal bedroom. Once your #OctaspringDream board has been created, submit the link to your board on the Octaspring Facebook page (under the Dream Bedroom tab) and fill out this contest entry form. Don’t forget to follow Octaspring on Pinterest and Facebook¬†so you can stay in the (sleepy) loop.

The winner of the contest will receive a $250 Home Depot gift card and a set of Evolution Plus pillows.

Go on, get pinning! I’m¬†so looking forward to seeing what makes up your perfect bedroom.

The Friday Five: Bedrooms & Books

It’s Friday! Hooray! I don’t know about you but I am feeling quite worn out this week! It was a short week and my week wasn’t more busy than usual so I’m not sure why I feel so drained. If you’ve followed the reno updates this week on the blog and Twitter, then you’ll know that my weekend will not be filled with sleep-ins and lounging around with a good book. Instead, I’ll be giving it my all as I prime and paint my home (or as much as possible in one weekend) and I also am attending a “how to install backsplash tile” workshop at The Home Depot. I’m looking forward to it all even though it means my lazy days are on hold.

For today I’m leaving you with five bedrooms that showcase different approaches to incorporating books – aka a growing library – into the bedroom.

tumblr_mmftfrwu1e1rsz7pao1_1280via Snob


Safdie Rabines Architects via The Fete Blog¬†(I know this isn’t a real bed but I couldn’t resist adding it in!)


via Alma-Nac


via A Merry Mishap

Bookshelf Fantasy For Bedroom White Bedroomsource unknown

What do you think? How do you arrange the books in your house? Are they in every room? Do you pile them high on the floor in your bedroom or do you have designated shelves? I’d love to know!

Happy Friday! Have a great weekend.


Design: Paris Hotels

I recently learned that I’ll be off to Paris for about a week in February. I can barely believe it. While I have been to Paris many times I am always eager to return. To say I’m excited about this trip – yes, even though it’s in the winter – is an understatement! I’m just thrilled!

I’ve been having some fun researching hotels all over Paris. There are some amazingly beautiful spaces out in Paris that I’m just drooling over. And now you can too…

Intercontinental Paris Marceau

Intercontinental Paris Avenue Marceau

Maison_Champs Elysees

La Maison Champs Elysées


Hotel Malte

Ares_White Lounge



7 Eiffel


Hotel West End


La Réserve


Opéra Stockholm by BridgeStreet

St James_root-deluxe-room-bed

Saint James Paris (the full website is definitely worth looking at)

Le Placide

Le Placide

Shangri-La Paris

Shangri-La Paris

Hotel Lancaster Paris

Hotel Lancaster

Aren’t 4 and 5 star hotels the best? I love the mix of modern and traditional decor of these Parisien hotels. And mostly I love the windows because I know many of these suites offer beautiful views of the city.