Why I Want a Fiat 500: Reasons 201-300

Yes – I’m still obsessed with the Fiat 500.

Since I wrote my first post about this little Italian car here, I have read loads of reviews, snapped photos of it up-close and taken it for a test drive. I’ve also been learning more about the Fiat 500 through the Fiat Canada, Italy and USA people on Twitter.

If you’re a regular reader of White Cabana (which of course I hope you are!), then you will have read my first 200 reasons why I want a Fiat (here and here). Today I’m listing reasons 201-300. Happy Monday reading everyone!

Okay, andiamo (let’s go):

201. It’s just 3.55 metres long.

202. I think my Jeep might be 4.5 metres long. Big difference.

203. The Fiat 500 is the first compact car to achieve a 5-star rating in the Euro NCAP impact tests.

204. Because I’m worth it (in the words of L’Oréal).

205. Although my car fanatic uncle thinks a Honda Civic is a great affordable car, it’s just not for me.

206. A standard feature of the Sport is cruise control.

207. I love cruise control. Especially when I’m driving from London to Toronto on the 401.

208. Another standard feature is a chrome exhaust tip.

209. I don’t think I’ve ever paid attention to an exhaust tip before.

210. It’s customizable.

Fiat 500 in Bianco Perla (pearl white)

211. An available option on the Sport are heated seats.

212. Don’t you think heated seats should be a standard feature for Canadian cars?

213. Another available option on the Sport is a security alarm.

214. Again, don’t you think a security alarm should just be a standard feature on cars?

215. You can plug in your I-Pod.

216. I spend a lot of time talking about it.

217. I spend a lot of time reading reviews about it.

218. I spend a lot of time blogging about it.

219. I want to spend a lot of time driving it.

220. I want to stop crying at gas stations because of this:

221. Apparently this wouldn’t happen with the Fiat 500.

222. It is often the first thing I think of when I wake up in the morning.

223. I think I need a Fiat 500 intervention or something.

224. I really like the @fiatontheweb people.

225. I also like the @FiatUSA people.

226. I also like the @Fiat500Canada people.

227. The two strangers I met at the bar last weekend had good things to say about the Fiat 500.

228. Yes, that’s right, the Fiat 500 is a great conversation starter at bars. Who knew?

229. I want to talk about my actual Fiat 500.

230. I want to stop talking about my dream Fiat 500.

231. If I don’t get a Fiat 500, I don’t know what other car I would get.

232. I don’t want a Ford Focus even though people have recommended it to me.

233. Tonya thinks I should get one for my birthday (July 25th).

234.@JenSpinner thinks my reasons are “quite adorable”. Thanks Jen! I think the Fiat 500 is adorable!

235. Small is hot! (Thanks @JenSpinner for sending me the link to this article.)

236. I want to drive the Fiat 500 to garage sales this summer.

237. I want to drive the Fiat 500 to the beach this summer.

238. I want to drive the Fiat 500 to Bayfield this summer.

239. I want to drive to Toronto in the Fiat 500.

240. I love this Fiat 500 commercial:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iVRoq6QzUcQ&w=480&h=390]

241. I devote a lot of my time to the Fiat 500 Canada website.

242. I would drive it to the next Canadian Design Blogger meet-up.

243. I would encourage Fiat Canada to sponsor the next Canadian Design Blogger meet-up.

244. I would definitely buy this book: Fiat 500: The Autobiography

245. I would buy this book too: Fiat 500 by Alessandro Sannia

246. I might as well buy this one while I’m at it: Fiat 500 by Lorenzo Ramaciotti & Gianni Cancellieri

247. I wonder how Zucchero would sound in the Fiat 500.

248. I might put some San Pellegrino in the cupholders.

249. You could fit a matching Fiat bike in the trunk:

The Fiat 500 & Fiat bicycle

250. Apparently it has a pollen filter.

251. The seats are structured so that it’s like they are giving you a hug. Aw.

252. I would drive over to Caviar 20 to say hello to Troy.

253. I would drive over to La Merceria to say hello to Sandra.

254. I wonder how many boxes of Alessi products would fit in the trunk.

255. Panoram Italia might be interested in a “Fiat gives blogger a car” story. Just sayin’.

256. Another available option on the Sport is a subwoofer.

257. I don’t even know what a subwoofer really does – I don’t think I need this. It’s a cool word though.

258. I’ve never needed to say the word subwoofer in Italian.

259. Apparently subwoofer is altoparlante per suoni bassi (in un set stereofonico) in Italian. Woah.

260. I like this Fiat 500 commercial:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0883bb08zD4&w=640&h=390]

261. I would drive to the bookstore (see #244, #245, #246)

262. I could post my driving outfits on Fashion in Motion.

263. A standard feature on the Sport are “red brake calipers”.

264. “Red brake calipers” means absolutely nothing to me. Any ideas?

265. The Fiat 500 is made/assembled in Poland & Mexico.

266. I’m a fan of Poland & Mexico.

267. Although, I do wish it was fully made in Italy. That would make it really extra Italian.

268. Because why shouldn’t I feel like I’m in Italy on my morning commute?

269. Fiat and fashion go together.

270. Exhibit A (re: #269).

271. Exhibit B (re: #269).

272. Jordana and fashion go together too.

273. Exhibit C (re: #272).

274.The Fiat 500 took the top spot in the small category for customer satisfaction in the 2011 JD Power and Associates survey (read more here).

275. If I’ve done the conversion correctly, if you want to buy a Fiat 500 Sport in Bangalore, India the cost would be approximately $32,000 CAD.

276. The price in Canada for an outfitted Sport is about $25,000 CAD.

277. Interesting to comparison shop across countries, that’s forsure.

278. You can download Fiat 500 wallpapers for your computer.

279. You can also download Fiat 500 screensavers.

280. The interior buttons look good.

Fiat interior buttons

281. The Pop has 35 safety and security features.

282. The Sport has 16-inch aluminum wheels.

283. The Lounge has chrome interior accents.

284. I heart Fiat.

285. According to Fiat Germany, the 500 wants me.

286. The feeling is mutual.

287. Can Fiat help me make this happen?

288. Fun, vintage, refined – three adjectives that describe the Fiat 500. I like these words.

289. The Fiat 500 has knee bags. Cool.

290. My grandfather owned a Fiat Balilla.

Fiat Balilla (image)

291. My grandfather also owned a Fiat Belvedere.

Fiat Belvedere (image)

292. Fiat fans run in our family. (Did I say that already?)

293. Re: Safety: “Despite the highly compact nature of the design, the tapered bumper structure and rounded front profile award the new Fiat a high standard of pedestrian protection” (via Fiat 500 India).

294. The Fiat 500 was designed by Fiat Centro Stile.

295. The Fiat 500 was built at the company’s Tychy plant in Poland.

296. Read more about Tychy, Poland here.

297. The rear features a chrome handle in the shape of a bicycle saddle.

298. I love how each country has different Fiat 500 accessories.

299. When I go to India, I would totally have to buy this:

Fiat 500 flash drive

300. My dad called me annoying over the weekend. I don’t think he wants to read another 200 reasons why I want a Fiat. I think he wants Fiat to deal with me.


  1. Nice meeting you on Saturday Jordana! Your top 500 Reasons list is quite amusing! Funny girl. Did you know you can also get a white Gucci Fiat?! Forget the gloves (#197) and go for the whole car!


    • Whoops! this link should work better : http://mollyloot.com/fiat-by-gucci

      • Jordana June 27, 2011

        Hey Dayna – so great to meet you on Saturday! And yes – I did make note about the Gucci Fiat in an earlier post. Pretty cool. All the accessories to go with are pretty awesome too. I don’t think I’ll ever say no to a Gucci of any kind!

      • Jordana June 27, 2011

        Oh – and in addition to Gucci, Fiat has also teamed up with Diesel (#270, #271).


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