Lacoste love

by Johanne

But of course we adore Lacoste– the brand is always so fresh and so clean.

This April we’re excited to see new pieces designed in collaboration with French fashion designer Catherine Malandrino.

Malandrino brings a sexy chicness to the heritage and timelessly cool vibe that is all things Lacoste. Described as a fusion of “masculine sportif with a feminine perspective,” we think this capsule collection will spring off the shelves in no time.

Today, a sneak peek:

The collection will be available at Holt Renfrew across Canada and at Lacoste stores.

What we saw today

by Johanne

This Wednesday we’d like to acquaint you with What I Saw Today, a fascinating peek into what designer and illustrator Richard Haines sees every day on the streets of New York City.

You will surely recognize Richard’s hand: he is an illustrator currently working with clients J.Crew and In Style magazine, among others.

Here we’ll feature but a handful of his black & white sketches from his recent sightings at New York Fashion Week. We highly recommend skipping over to Richard’s site and checking out more of his B&W and colourful sketches.

Below, we’ve ‘named’ each illustration with the name of the blog post and any text that accompanies it as it appears on Richard’s blog.

Katrina takes some photos…

I sketch her.

Aubin checks his texts…

and life goes on.

Observations @ Patrik Ervell: Thick Sole Boat Shoes, Jumpsuits…

Malcom McLaren, Arena Looks.

Visited Kelly Armendariz @ Splatterpool Artspace The Other Day…

Check out all the cool stuff they have going on here:

All images courtesy of What I Saw Today by Richard Haines.

Thank you to my friend David for introducing me to Richard’s beautiful world.

Designer Spotlight: Sea Flower Studios

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Marissa (via the blogosphere), the designer at Sea Flower Studios, a Toronto-based jewelry shop. Although Marissa’s hand-crafted necklaces and bracelets come in a multitude of colours, it’s her white pieces that I find most delicate and pretty.

bracelet, $40

filigree earrings, $15

rose earrings, $15

Oh, and here’s a little something silver for good luck:

silver bow necklace, $15


Sea Flower Studios is offering all White Cabana readers 25% off their purchase until April 11th. Enter Winter25 at checkout.

Happy shopping!

Naked Shoes

by Johanne

What’s not to love of these cagey wedges designed by young Brazilian designer Andreia Chaves?

Belonging in Chaves’ Invisible Shoe collection, these are the Naked Shoe, presumably because much of your foot will play peek-a-boo in these puppies. We think they’re ab fab and we love the product images.

The shoes are handmade in Italy and lined with leather to be comfortable despite their structural laser-cut outer shell.

Chaves also created the beautiful mirrored Invisible Shoe:

Images courtesy of Andreia Chaves.

Jean Paul Gaultier for Roche Bobois

by Johanne

Roche Bobois is synonymous with luxurious home furnishings to the point of ridiculously amazing.

These days, collaborations between designers and thinkers are happening across industries and it’s no surprise to find French fashion designer Jean Paul Gaultier’s signature on a selection of Roche Bobois furniture and home accessories.

Today we’re featuring highlights from the collaborative offerings, which we’d describe as envisioned for a French rock-and-roll goth sailor tycoon.

Spring Campaigns in B&W

by Johanne

As some of you know, my thoughts are typically walking the aisles of the fashion world although, these days, my ukulele is doing all the walking and talking.

Today I’m featuring images from two advertising campaigns that are getting a lot of rubber-necking. The campaigns have much in common:

– Both are in black and white

– Both feature ‘it’ model Lara Stone

– Both are photographed by ‘it’ photographers Mert Alas and Marcus Piggot of Mert & Marcus

– Both are for spring/summer 2011

– Both are a little arresting.

Without further ado, our first campaign:

Calvin Klein’s Spring/Summer 2011

photographed by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggot of Mert & Marcus

I really like this Calvin Klein campaign: the simplicity of the styling works with the clothes’ minimalist cuts. Klein is known for his love of black & white in everything that communicates the brand: campaign photos and his logo, for instance, continue to stick to the recipe after all these years. He’s also infamous for launching the so-called anorexic model look of the ’90s and his affinity for half-naked bony models had us complaining enough that he’s toned it down a notch for 2011.

With Lara Stone for spring, we see the gender-bender play he’s also fond of but we get a few curves and not-so-straight lines among all the symmetry. The campaign images are classic examples of photo compositions that are perfect because of a slight disturbance in the proportions. In the top left photo, an otherwise symmetrical image gives the illusion of a longer leg because of Lara’s off stance.

In the top right image, the perfect symmetry of Lara’s face and her outfit’s geometric lines are challenged by the asymmetry of her sloped shoulders. It’s simply stunning.

And now for our second campaign:

Givenchy Spring/Summer 2011

photographed by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggot of Mert & Marcus

I like this campaign; it’s definitely one we’d call ‘unconventional’. Prints are a contrast to solid white and black, people are layers to each other within the images and odd shadows lurk about. Not a hair is out of place- literally- except perhaps on Lara Stone, and we can forgive her for that because of a certain menacing-looking and albino Stephen Thompson hovering behind. And he really is albino- that’s not his fault, either.

In terms of selling clothes, I’m not sure that this Givenchy campaign works. If it’s to relate a mood, a weird moment in time or the beauty in the odd, then it’s a perfect sales pitch.

Images courtesy of Givenchy and Calvin Klein.

Hermes DIY: Affordable Stocking Stuffer

It’s not very often (or ever) that we see affordable and Hermès in one sentence. Have you always wanted (or wanted to give) a Hermès cuff but you’ve already blown your Christmas budget? No worries – Hermes has a DIY for you!

To download the template, visit Hermès and click Travel the World of Hermès. Once the page is loaded, click Surprises from the orange bar at the left. Et voilà! Bonne chance!

Image courtesy Hermès.

Children’s Gifts: Ovale Paris

Ovale: Boulevard Saint Germain, Paris

Ovale, the brain child of designers Gilles Neveu and Vladimir Flabert, houses some of the most cuddliest toys, softest clothes, simplest jewelry, and prettiest silver gifts for babies and children. This unique, minimalist brand carries many items which make gift-giving memorable and unique.

Clothes neatly hung in a row at Ovale, Paris

Browse Ovale’s current collection by clicking here.

Images by Jordana.

Love My Warby Parker's

Warby Parker is my new love interest. I’m proud to tell everyone!

Warby Parker logo

While in New York last month I visited the Warby Parker studio, tried on many fabulous pairs of eyeglasses, and placed an order for two pairs. Within two weeks they arrived and are now sitting pretty on my face.

I purchased the Thompson in Crystal Matte (below) and the Striped Tortoise Zaggs. I feel so hip!

Thompson in Crystal Matte, Warby Parker

Not only are the frames fabulously chic, but the price is unbeatable. I have a very strong prescription and always hate forking over hundreds of dollars for stylish frames. At Warby Parker high-quality frames and lenses are completely affordable (I spent just over $100 for each pair of eyeglasses and I have a very very high prescription). Want more good news? For every pair you buy, Warby Parker gives a pair to someone in need. Incredible, right?

If you’re unable to get to Warby Parker in person in San Francisco or New York City, not to worry. You can use the website’s virtual try-on feature or take advantage of the home-try on option (WP currently only ships to the US).

I can’t say enough about my Warby Parker experience. From the moment I walked into the bright, white, spacious New York office to to the day I received my new specs, I have been impressed with the work ethic, the quality and the attention to service and detail from this company. I’m definitely looking forward to more visits and more purchases in the future (hopefully a red pair will be in stock soon hint hint).

p.s. I’m still thinking about the orange Coltons but I’m still hesitant to introduce orange into my life. Thoughts?

Photos courtesy of Warby Parker.

Nixon at FNAC

French retailer FNAC is currently carrying a fabulous selection of white Nixon products. I personally do not own a watch or a set of headphones but maybe I should reconsider. I’m loving the design of the following Nixon products:

Time Teller, Nixon, 69 Euros, at FNAC

Nixon whip headphones, 35 Euros, FNAC

Nixon trooper headphones, 59.90 Euros, at FNAC

Nixon Master Blaster headphones, 199.90 Euros, at FNAC

Images courtesy of FNAC. Nixon products also available here.

Toronto Designer Spotlight: Anu Raina

Anu Raina logo

I recently had the pleasure of “meeting” (via blogging and email) Toronto-based textile designer Anu Raina. Flipping through her portfolio, I was quickly drawn to the diverse detailing in her creations (silk-screened prints, burnt holes in silk, staples). Although for the most part her work extends beyond my four-colour rule, she did manage to hook me in with her hand-crafted Salad Recipe apron and tea towel set.

Anu Raina's pigment-printed Salad Recipe apron, $70

Anu Raina's attention to detail

Only the best: Leather strings on Anu Raina's Salad Recipe apron

Anu Raina's Salad Recipe t-towel, $48 set of two

Anu Raina's T-towel: Pretty enough to frame

It just goes to show you – no matter how detail-oriented and colourful a person might be, there’s always room for white! Thoughts?

P.S. Anu Raina will be exhibiting her work this month at The Clothing Show in Toronto (Sept 24-26) so if you’re in the area, you can meet her at Booth #558. Anu Raina will also be featured on Fashion in Motion this month so stay tuned.

All images courtesy of Anu Raina.

Vogue Magazine: The Search for a Street Chic Photo Blogger

Vogue magazine is searching for the next street style fashion blogger and I’m overjoyed that Michelle Bobb-Parris has made the short list!

White + suspenders, photo by Michelle Bobb-Parris

A friend from my university days, Michelle has a great talent for capturing beautiful things on film. Wishing you much luck Michelle (and I’m sure our White Cabana readers are as well)!

Click here to see Michelle’s profile and click here to visit her blog.

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