Whited eyed

All the excitement yesterday about the traverse of Venus across the sun has got me thinking about protective eyewear.

For me, wearing prescription sunglasses has improved my enjoyment of the outdoors a millionfold. And I love the sunshine- but being rather unable to wear contact lenses, and being sensitive to light in general, prescription sunglasses have changed my life.

Are you thinking about getting a new pair of sunglasses this summer? I am. And the white framesĀ do make for a very striking look, don’t they?

Neff’s Spectra sunglasses in matte white finish, $25 at Neff

Michael Kors retro Griffin sunglasses, $115 at Nordstom

Miu Miu white sunglassses, about $350 at House of Fraser

Spex Club Eyewear

In need of affordable eyewear? Have you heard of Spex Club? This company offers a good selection of affordable prescription eyewear for men and women.

Although Spex carries a variety of colours, it probably does not surprise anyone that I’m most attracted to all the white frames. The Spex collection feels like it was made just for me!








All images courtesy of Spex Club.

Love My Warby Parker's

Warby Parker is my new love interest. I’m proudĀ to tell everyone!

Warby Parker logo

While in New York last month I visited the Warby Parker studio, tried on many fabulous pairs of eyeglasses, and placed an order for two pairs. Within two weeks they arrived and are now sitting pretty on my face.

I purchased the Thompson in Crystal Matte (below) and the Striped Tortoise Zaggs. I feel so hip!

Thompson in Crystal Matte, Warby Parker

Not only are the frames fabulously chic, but the price is unbeatable. I have a very strong prescription and always hate forking over hundreds of dollars for stylish frames. At Warby Parker high-quality frames and lenses are completely affordable (I spent just over $100 for each pair of eyeglasses and I have a very very high prescription). Want more good news? For every pair you buy, Warby Parker gives a pair to someone in need. Incredible, right?

If you’re unable to get to Warby Parker in person in San Francisco or New York City, not to worry. You can use the website’s virtual try-on feature or take advantage of the home-try on option (WP currently only ships to the US).

I can’t say enough about my Warby Parker experience. From the moment I walked into the bright, white, spacious New York office to to the day I received my new specs, I have been impressed with the work ethic, the quality and the attention to service and detail from this company. I’m definitely looking forward to more visits and more purchases in the future (hopefully a red pair will be in stock soon hint hint).

p.s. I’m still thinking about the orange Coltons but I’m still hesitant to introduce orange into my life. Thoughts?

Photos courtesy of Warby Parker.