20 Below: Pop the Champagne

The holidays are definitely a time for socializing with family and friends, and what’s better to include on your menu than some bubbly? Don’t have glasses? Not to worry as these ones from Ikea are up for the job!

hederlig champagne ikeaHederlig champagne glass, $2.24, Ikea

If you’re looking for a cocktail to serve at your next gathering, you might want to consider the Kentucky Bonfire from the Holiday issue of LCBO’s Food & Drink. It’s delicious!

Spex Club Eyewear

In need of affordable eyewear? Have you heard of Spex Club? This company offers a good selection of affordable prescription eyewear for men and women.

Although Spex carries a variety of colours, it probably does not surprise anyone that I’m most attracted to all the white frames. The Spex collection feels like it was made just for me!








All images courtesy of Spex Club.