Whited eyed

All the excitement yesterday about the traverse of Venus across the sun has got me thinking about protective eyewear.

For me, wearing prescription sunglasses has improved my enjoyment of the outdoors a millionfold. And I love the sunshine- but being rather unable to wear contact lenses, and being sensitive to light in general, prescription sunglasses have changed my life.

Are you thinking about getting a new pair of sunglasses this summer? I am. And the white frames do make for a very striking look, don’t they?

Neff’s Spectra sunglasses in matte white finish, $25 at Neff

Michael Kors retro Griffin sunglasses, $115 at Nordstom

Miu Miu white sunglassses, about $350 at House of Fraser


  1. Jordana June 6, 2012

    Johanne – I couldn’t agree more! Prescription sunglasses have changed my life too! I’ve had them for a few years now and I honestly have no idea why I ever hesitated to buy them. Even though mine are pricey Oliver Peoples (and I love them!) I wear them almost every single day of the year so the CPW (Cost Per Wear) is so minimal. I really should invest in a second pair now shouldn’t I? Hmm…
    p.s. The MiuMius are quite good looking, aren’t they?

  2. Johanne June 6, 2012

    I love Oliver Peoples frames- so classic and stylish. They’re on my faves list for sure.
    I have taken great care of my prescription sunglasses over the years and they have lasted me (10 years!) but I really should get another pair. What I love about mine is that the frame is plastic- like the Miu Miu frames – and so they are incredibly comfortable. I don’t like nose bridge cushions- the comfort just isn’t the same.

    Yeah I think we should get a cheapy pair each and throw in some prescription smoked lenses- why not? Have you been to Pacific Mall? It’s a MUST for sunglasses- well, eyewear in general. My everyday pink frames are from there :).


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