Hotel to Home: Cape View Clifton, Cape Town

We’re taking the long journey to Cape Town, South Africa today to Cape View Clifton‘s luxury guesthouses. These suites have beautiful finishes, functional kitchens, and the views are spectacular.

I’ve opted to zoom in on one of the white bathrooms of this hotel.1480106-cape-view-clifton-cape-town-africa

Here’s what I’ve recreated for your home:


sink, toilet, freestanding tub, art, chair, faucet, mirrored cabinet, glass shelf, towel


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Hotel to Home: Palazzo Dama, Italy

Today, we’re entering the 5-star luxury hotel called the Palazzo Dama in Rome, Italy. I know, I know, it’s tough to be surrounded by such luxury. Let’s try our best, shall we?

The Palazzo Dama is a stunning property…


Gorgeous, right? It’s stunning on the inside, too. Just look at these rooms!

Since I’ve featured so many bedrooms and living spaces since I began this Hotel to Home series, I thought it might be nice to feature a new space. As such, I’ve decided that we should head into one of Palazzo Dama’s marble-filled bathrooms.


Here’s my how-to-do-it-home recreation:


mirror, sink, towels, tiles, faucet, shower head, small mirror, sconce, toiletries

The Friday Five: Waterworks

I have bathrooms on the brain these days since I’ve been spending quite a bit of time in my own removing strips and strips of wallpaper. Waterworks is an amazingly beautiful bathroom store and their online shop is just as gorgeous. Some of the prices I find completely hard to justify but, oh jeez, are these bath items ever good looking!

crystal wall mirror-Waterworks

Crystal wall mounted mirror, $631


Lawson wall sconce with mirror, $453

ASscher soap dish-waterworks

Asscher soap dish, $110 


Mercury bathroom tumbler, $95

metal stool-waterworks

metal stool, $1800

Have a wonderful weekend everyone! Happy Friday!

The Friday Five: Studio Luna at Waterworks

I’ve been looking at bathroom accessories this week – not really sure why as I don’t need any – and the Luna line from Waterworks has really caught my eye. I love the polished marble and the simple lines. It’s such a classic and timeless design, don’t you think?

Luna soap dish, $45

Luna soap dispenser, $50

Luna tumbler, $45

Luna jar, $63

Luna waste can, $125

Images via Waterworks.