Hotel to Home: Lloyd’s Inn, Singapore

Shall we take a little trip to Singapore today? Yes, let’s.

I would love to travel to Singapore in the next few years. While I was there when I was very little, I definitely don’t remember a thing about it! I’d love to see the sights, take in the architecture, and observe how people live (so darn curious, I am!).

I came across so many lovely hotels in my online travel dream research, but for today, I’m taking a closer peek into a room at Lloyd’s Inn.

In the Skyroom, you’ll notice that the bathtub is outside. This is the case in other suites as well. I love it. How exotic and luxurious!


Here’s my take:White-Cabana-bedroom-design-Hotel to home

Kohler tub, tub filler, plants, plant pot, bed frame, window, Frette duvet cover, bed pillow










Hotel to Home: Palazzo Dama, Italy

Today, we’re entering the 5-star luxury hotel called the Palazzo Dama in Rome, Italy. I know, I know, it’s tough to be surrounded by such luxury. Let’s try our best, shall we?

The Palazzo Dama is a stunning property…


Gorgeous, right? It’s stunning on the inside, too. Just look at these rooms!

Since I’ve featured so many bedrooms and living spaces since I began this Hotel to Home series, I thought it might be nice to feature a new space. As such, I’ve decided that we should head into one of Palazzo Dama’s marble-filled bathrooms.


Here’s my how-to-do-it-home recreation:


mirror, sink, towels, tiles, faucet, shower head, small mirror, sconce, toiletries

Marketplace: The Trinsic by Delta Faucet

My parents’ renovation is ongoing (I think it’s been almost a year now!?) and the most recent improvement has been completed in the laundry room. A while ago they installed this faucet in the laundry room…

but as you can see, the spout is much too curved and the water sprayed everywhere rather than directly over the drain. Well, our friends at Delta solved this problem for us! They generously sent over a Trinsic Pull-Down with Touch2O Technology and my dad installed it just a couple of weeks ago. It is working like a charm!

The Trinsic Touch2O faucet by Delta is a much better fit for this laundry room sink. The sink and faucet need to be a highly efficient work horse for my parents and they are really enjoying the convenience of the Touch2O technology. No turning on the tap with this one – just touch to turn on and touch to turn off. Simple…and extremely useful when your hands are full!

And one more thing – my dad – who is very capable when it comes to plumbing and electrical work – was so impressed with the clarity of the installation instructions. He made me look at the details on every page (yes, Dad, I was definitely interested!). He actually did say that it was one of the best installation instruction guide he’s ever used!

Many thanks to Farah and Delta for arranging this for us.